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West Valley farmer touts strong work ethic - Daily Inter Lake: News

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West Valley farmer touts strong work ethic

The Race For Commissioner

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Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2012 6:46 pm | Updated: 8:48 am, Tue Apr 22, 2014.

In Gary Krueger’s life the old adage, “like father, like son,” seems to hold true, especially when it comes to work ethic.

Krueger’s father, Ken, farmed in the West Valley area, delivered milk for Skyline Dairy and later became a Flathead County commissioner.

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          Welcome to the discussion.


          • kirstenholland posted at 10:41 am on Tue, Oct 9, 2012.

            kirstenholland Posts: 7

            @rightofcenter, I am happy to answer publically. Jeff Harris did not yet work at FCPZ when the Tutvedt report was written and presented at the West Valley Land Use Advisory Committee and Board of Adjustment meetings. Staff reports were compiled based on information received in the application, agency input, public comments received and site visits.

            Thanks for the covert email address, but you have missed my point. Cheers.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 2:31 pm on Mon, Oct 8, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            kirsten, I only have one question for you, were you directed by Jeff Harris to say in that staff report that the roads were substandard and that gravel pit would harm water quality or was that your own idea?? I would like you to answer it on this post, but if you would rather e-mail your answer to me, you can do so at rightofcenter70@gmail.com

          • kirstenholland posted at 4:29 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

            kirstenholland Posts: 7


            Let's level the playing field and speak about this face to face, or at least via email. I will not betray your confidence/screen name.

            Hi Russ. All is well. I hope it is for you as well. Happy Fall :)

          • RussCrowder posted at 4:09 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

            RussCrowder Posts: 414

            Kirsten...You are being far to modest kid. As I recall, your work on the Tutvetd report ended up being an award winner! I hope all is well in the far north...Russ

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 4:05 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            There is nothing to discuss other than what you put in your staff report about the roads being substandard was proven to be false by professional Geotechnical Engineers and is cost the applicant tens of thousands of dollars in legal and engineering fees to disprove I don't know what else to tell you. That is exactly what happened and once the engineering disproved the statement you made about substandard roads in the staff report the lawsuit was debunked and the people who served the suit on the gravel pit gave up the substandard road argument.

            The lawsuit on the gravel pit also had false allegations about gravel pits hurting water quality. The applicant hired a professional hydrogeologist at his expense that debunked those claims as well. At that point the people who served the lawsuit gave up on the water quality issue. The whole gravel pit lawsuit and staff report false allegation were proven false and debunked by professionals that were paid for at the applicant's request. This cost the applicant tens of thousands of dollars in legal and professional fees for allegations that had no merit.

          • kirstenholland posted at 3:48 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

            kirstenholland Posts: 7

            My offer stands, RightofCenter. kirholland@interbel.net.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 2:03 pm on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            The staff report said that the roads were substandard to handle the truck traffic of the gravel pit. This became a big issue in the process and was part of the lawsuit against the gravel pit. There was no evidence to support that the roads were substandard, just made up by the Jeff Harris Planning office. The applicant hired a Professional Geotechnical Engineer that bored test holes and did a geotechnical analysis on the roadway that determined the road could handle the truck traffic. Therefore, the statements in the staff report were shown to be untrue. This type of BS happened a lot in staff reports when Jeff Harris was in charge of the planning office in Flathead County. The tragedy of all of it was it cost property owners tens of thousands of dollars to disprove statements that were not true and had no basis.

          • kirstenholland posted at 11:45 am on Fri, Oct 5, 2012.

            kirstenholland Posts: 7

            Hi RightofCenter

            I'm the planner who wrote the Tutvedt report. I stand behind my findings of fact. The Tutvedt CUP was approved based on the findings in my report. While I imagine neither side was completely satisfied, the conditions were designed to mitigate impacts, which is what the law requires. I think if you do your research you will find that gravel pit operators in West Valley found me to be fair and objective and that adjoining landowners appreciated that I did my homework.

            I'm posting reluctantly, as I do not live in Flathead County, therefore will not be voting for the next Commissioners. That said, I am proud of my work at FCPZ and while I recognize and respect your right to express your opinion, I felt compelled to correct the misinformation in your last post. I do not know who you are, but if we know one another and you would like to discuss this further, please let me know. Best of luck to all the candidates.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 4:13 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            The other problem with the Tutvedt gravel pit issue and the bogus opposition to that gravel pit was because of the untrue "poison pills" put into that gravel pit staff report by the Planner that wrote that staff report. That staff report was written in those dark days when Las Vegas Planner Jeff Harris and Joe "the 3 million dollar man" Brenneman were runnning roughshot over property owner's and their rights. The staff report had bogus findings of fact that were pulled out of thin air. After Tutvedt hired professional engineer's and scientists it was proven that the information in the staff report was bogus, but the bogus charges in the staff report rallied the opposition and some of it was a basis for the lawsuit filed against the gravel pit. But the real tragedy in the whole mess is that it cost a property owner tens of thousands of dollars in engineering studies and attorney's fees to disprove bogus charges that were pulled out of thin air.

          • Plumber posted at 4:00 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            Plumber Posts: 82


            Here's what plumbers know...crap flows down hill. If "F-Bomb LaChappelle" wants to know who contaminated her well, she should ask the person who looks back at her in the mirror.

            You cannot refute the DEQ Report on "F-Bomb LaChappelle's" well. And...if you cannot produce the death certificates on the alleged Blue Baby Syndrome deaths then shut up about it!

            Either produce evidence that refutes the DEQ well report or produce the death records of infants. It's your only hope of being relevant at all.

          • ONTHEMARK posted at 3:06 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            ONTHEMARK Posts: 85

            It appears that the problems LaChappelle and flyfish have in West Valley is caused by them cr@pping in their own nest so to speak according to the DEQ report on the cantamination. For them to blame it on gravel pits and to charge that there are dead babies when there aren't is reprehensible.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 3:03 pm on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            flyfish, LaChappelle's attempt to blame the killing of babies on gravel pits was completely refuted when Bruce Tutvedt hired his professional hydrogeologist to debunk that ridiculous argument. The science did not support the outrageous charge and you know it.

            luckygirl, if you want to know about rude just watch LaChappelle and her side kick Tom Clark at a public hearing. When LaChappelle comes unhinged boy does the profanity fly. She shows utter disrespect for the process and the elected officials she insults with her rants of profanity.

          • luckygirl posted at 11:31 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            luckygirl Posts: 107

            flyfish, everyone needs a frontman. Pam and Co. will never silence theirs. Russ does all the dirty work and revels in it. Not only is he not going away, but as I stated elsewhere, I promise you he will be back on the planning board at the dawn of the new year. Other than refusing to sit in a fancy planning board chair, opting instead for the less comfortable audience chairs, I remember nothing about his tenure that doesn't involve rudeness, disregard, and disrespect for anyone who dares disagree with him. You can't offend him, let alone tell him anything he doesn't already know.

            I watched him make fun of a landowner, a woman, who once cited the very high dust levels on Lost Prairie Road, asking simply for some consideration that an effort be made to address how bad it had gotten. He literally laughed in her face and said he liked dust.

          • flyfish posted at 11:04 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            flyfish Posts: 199

            If you are a licenced plumber than you should have a basic understanding of the effects of contaminates in water, as a major part of your profession is to supply safe potable water to the public. Methemogloinemia also known as "Blue Baby Syndrome" is caused by high levels of nitrates in drinking water. This condition is a congenital heart condition that does not allow proper oxygen circulation through the babies body. Most experts feel that the contamination comes from enviromental sources, ie fertilizers, pesticides ect. To the best of my knowledge there has not been any deaths directly related to the nitrates found in the Lost Creek Fan, but the nitrates are there and potential serious health risks are possible from them. Without proper filtration of the water if an expectant mother were to consume this water there is a high probability that the baby will be born with Methemolobinemia.
            Our concern as property owners in West Valley was the potential high water use of the gravel operation located over the Fan. If the rock and clay layer between the shallow water of the Fan and the deeper aquafer was ruptured then the nitrate contaminated water would flow to the deeper aquafer which most homeowners use for their household water needs, thus contaminating all of the water in that area.
            For a group of people who claim to want to protect property rights you are very narrow in your focus. access to clean water beneath your property is a major part of property rights. If your neighbor destroys your water and makes it unusable than they are infringing upon your property rights. We still have the right in this country to raise an objection if someone theatens our health and safety. At least we do until January 1st when American Dream takes complete control of Flathead County.

          • Plumber posted at 10:08 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            Plumber Posts: 82

            FlyFish: Want to know what's truly the lowest thing ever? It's the exploitation dead babies that don't exist in order to advance your anti-property rights agenda. The reality is, "F-Bomb LaChappelle" has been fabricating this dead baby issue in West Valley for years. She need to stop making things up and start telling the truth about the DEQ Report on her well water.

            Crowder makes a good point here. Let's really get to the bottom of this dead baby thing.
            If "F Bomb LaChappelle" claims that the West Valley water is killing babies, then produce the death reports or shut up! We're sick of hearing these bogus, made-up claims.

          • ONTHEMARK posted at 8:28 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            ONTHEMARK Posts: 85

            ZipTie posted the following on F Bomb LaChappelle's article:

            "LaChappelle has spent a lot of time blaming the farmers of West Valley for contaminating her well. This is a lie.

            According to Laura Alvey's DEQ Report LaChappelle's well was contaminated by either her sewer or the neighbor's sewer as it was personal care products that were found to be the culprit. Specifically DILANTIN which is an anti-seizure drug.

            The DEQ Report states the following:

            "Personal Care Products and Pharmaceuticals (PCPPs)

            Five wells known to be contaminated with nitrate were selected to provide samples for
            analysis of PCPPs. These compounds can be indicators of waste water or septic leachate,
            because these are man-made compounds not found in pristine groundwater, and many are
            specific to human uses. At least one PCPP was detected in each of the five samples. All
            five samples had detections of acetaminophen and progesterone, but these compounds
            were also detected in the laboratory “blank” and are not listed in the table below. Table 4
            (below) lists the sample ID and the PCPPs that were detected.
            137876 Dilantin 2.5 Anti-seizure" (as well as others)

            Farmers don't give DILANTIN to cows and they don't spray it on crops. If LaChappelle wants to know who contaminated her well, she doesn't have to look very far.

            Source: Lost Creek Nitrate Report 9590K page 5 - personal products and pharmaceuticals (DEQ Website)"

            It seems to me I remember F bomber LaChappelle and her side kick siamese twin Tom Clark bringing up this dead baby thing at gravel pit hearings and making the case that somehow a gravel pit was going to kill babies. Of course when the engineering studies were complete, LaChappelle and Clark's charges were shown to be frivolous.

          • RussCrowder posted at 7:42 am on Thu, Oct 4, 2012.

            RussCrowder Posts: 414

            I don't know what lickygirl and flyfish are in such a tizzy over. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of the dead baby crisis in the west valley. Don't they care about the children? Once again, the number for the county health director, Joe Russell, is 751-8100. Because I have the ear of a lot more people than, "all three of our commissioners", if you think it will help, feel free to mention my name when you call. Joe and I go way back. After all, it is for the children!

          • flyfish posted at 7:10 pm on Wed, Oct 3, 2012.

            flyfish Posts: 199

            Russ, Is this level you have sunk to, someone losing a child is never a laughing matter. To those of us in West Valley the threat of water contaminated with nitrates is a very serious issue. Not only is it a major health concern but the loss of drinkable water would have a major impact on the value of our homes and property. There have been several studies done and where the nitrates came from is still undetermined although there have been a couple of different hypothesis's. We are more concerned with it not happening again than pointing fingers at who might have been responsible. In the future Russ try adding serious dialog to the coversation as your attempts at humor are usually off base and in very poor taste. What does concern me is that you will have the ear of all three of our Commisioners, I would hope that after a comment like that Gary Krueger, Cal Scott and Pam Holmquist would all disavow any relationship with you. Also as the spokesperson for American Dream I would hope they would have the decency to call you to task for it.

          • luckygirl posted at 5:55 pm on Wed, Oct 3, 2012.

            luckygirl Posts: 107

            Russ, that was really foul, even for you. A new low, congrats.

          • RussCrowder posted at 7:57 am on Wed, Oct 3, 2012.

            RussCrowder Posts: 414

            Redneck Woman. Thanks for bringing these startling revelations to our attention. You need to call 751-8100. That is the number of the county Health Department. Ask for the Director, Joe Russell. He needs to know about all the dead baby' s in the west valley because of the dirty water they are drinking. And to think, this is an area that already has the most restrictive zoning in the county. Just imagine all the dead baby's in other parts of the county that didn't have the foresight to adopt zoning and strict controls over the use of private property like the west valley. Once again RW, that number is 751-8100. For the sake of the children, I just pray you aren't to late!

          • Redneck Woman posted at 6:07 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            Redneck Woman Posts: 12

            I have been to several meetings where LaChappelle had spoke. No F bombs except one time to wake up the commissioners. For they never wanted to listen to anyone. Just the people that were looking to destroy the valley. She wants property rights for everyone. You people should maybe stop and reallly see all the back door dealings going one here. How would you like to have water to drink that is not fit to drink? Will kill babies. That is what the people of West Valley have. That Lost Creek Fan flows into the Stillwater and then into Flathead Lake. That woman works her butt off every week to have a home. To help provided for her family. I see her around town all day. Working and Working. She knows people that are busting their butts to live and work here. Only to have their property value drop. Because of what goes one behind the scenes. she would be a good one for office. Fairness for all. She would love nothing more then to have everyone in the valley have a job that wants one.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 2:45 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            I'd say out of staters like LaChappelle are the ones who are trying to destroy this valley. They move in here and want to change our way of life with their anti-property rights, anti-business extremism. All it takes is hearing LaChappelle's out of control rants and profanity at one public hearing and you know she is not fit for any kind of office or governement job.

          • Redneck Woman posted at 1:50 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            Redneck Woman Posts: 12

            All I can say is a vote for Kreuger is a vote for a big mess. Look who his treasurer is, also his attorney. Oh by the way also the city mayor. Total conflict of interest. Looks like they are lining up to take over the county. Looks like all the farmers around here are destroying what was given to them by their great grandparents. This farmers now didn't pay for it. I bet Great Grandpa is shaking his head, saying what the heck are you doing to my land. Should have given it to someone else that would have taken care of it.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 12:54 pm on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            luckygirl, when DEMOCRAT Joe Brenneman pays back the Flathead County tax payers for the 3 million dollars he cost us, I might think of letting up a little bit. But, even if he pays the 3 million back, it is important to remind people over and over about the disasterous Commissioner term DEMOCRAT Joe Brenneman had and the relentless assault on private property rights he pushed. The problem is if we don't keep reminding the citizens of Flathead County about Brenneman, history is bound to repeat itself. We simply can not afford another 3 million dollars at the hands of an anti-property rights Commissioner. That is why it is important to realize that we have two Brenneman Clones running for Commissioner, LaChapelle and Jordan. They are both anti-property rights, anti-business and could easily cost us another 3 million if they get into the Commissioner's office.

          • Bonnie S posted at 10:41 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            Bonnie S Posts: 43

            Well, well, well....look who's back - Debbietant. 
            These greenies would love nothing more than to completely shut down growth in the Valley, lock the gates at the county line and throw away the key. Consider these kooks for the kooks they are. Vote KRUEGER for County Commissioner!

          • Reason posted at 9:11 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            Reason Posts: 3

            I don't usually write responses to these comments, but I have to with these. Do any of you know these candidates? Most of you employ ad hominem attacks on people you know nothing about, and so foster even more partisan politics in this valley. Both sides are attacking candidates in this election. Yes, we all can probably agree that individuals have the right to use their property to their benefit; yes, most of us can agree that we live here because of the beauty of this area.

            The time has come when without civil discourse, and honest communication and compromise, we, the residents, politician or not, will wonder what happened to this place ten years down the road. And we will all have ourselves to blame unless we can agree to reasonable discuss what we, all of us, Democrat or Republican, independent or tea partier, envision for this valley.

            "3 million dollar man", "greedy property owner", "property rights nuts", "left wing lunatics", "left wing extremist", "loony toony far left extremists", - can any of you use something other than these kinds of words to logically make your points?

            If you all feel so strongly about these candidates, write a letter to the editor and sign it with your name. It is so easy to hide behind screen names.

          • luckygirl posted at 9:07 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            luckygirl Posts: 107

            rightofcenter...is your h@rd on for Joe and Jeff ever going to subside? I laugh every time I think about it. I would just about pay money to know your real idenity, although with every post the field gets narrowed down.

          • debbietant posted at 7:43 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            debbietant Posts: 42

            Democrat's Mears-LaCappelle and Gil Jordan understand that american dream's property rights nuts in the commissioners office are destroying our beautiful valley by letting private property owners rape the valley for their own profit. Krueger in the commissioners office will only continue these attacks against the rights of the collective! Rebel Rouser is right. There is no difference between the damage foreign corporations do to the earth in our own backyard, and private property owners like Krueger, Holmquist and Scott in the commissioners office do to turn private property owners loose in Flathead County.

          • ONTHEMARK posted at 6:27 am on Tue, Oct 2, 2012.

            ONTHEMARK Posts: 85

            The only flaw in the Primary is that left wing lunatics like RebelRouser and averagejoe can cross over and vote Republican in the Primary. That was evident by the small percentage of Democrat vote in the Primary. It should be required to register by party for the Primary in Montana. It simply is not right to have left wing extremists like RR and joe corrupting the Primary. The candidate in the primary should be chosen by the Repbulcans and if we had to register by party Krueger would have won the primary by a much larger margin. Heck I think I remember averagejoe blogging before the primary trying to get Democrats to cross over and vote against Krueger. I would be willing to bet that Krueger will win in a landslide because he is a great candiate that believes in private property rights, promoting Flathead County as business friendly, utlitizing our natural resources and keeping the size of government and taxes low. This is just the opposite of his left wing extremist opponent LaChappell.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 11:48 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            Too bad Democrats didn't put up a decent candidate???? All the Democratic party has left is kooks like LaChapelle and Gil Jordan, what a couple of loony toony far left extremists. But good old avearagjoe doen't get it, he would like to take us back to the days of Joe Brenneman and his constant relentless attacks on private property owners and their rights. Remember when Brenneman and his communist Las Vegas planner had neighbors spying on neighbors? How about the 3 million dollars Brenneman cost us when he didn't follow the law on the Northshore Ranch disaster and violated that property owner's rights? The thing that made this valley a beautiful place obviously wasn't taking away private property rights because Flathead County has always had a long tradition of people who believe and respect private property ownership and the rights private property owners have to own and control their own property. averagejoe should move to a place that would be more akin to his beliefs like Communist China or Cuba.

          • averagejoe posted at 8:39 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            averagejoe Posts: 253

            Enjoy what is left of undeveloped non commercial/industrial land in the valley floor. Open space and land use planning will be left to the history books in Flathead County after Gary Krueger and Cal Scott join Pam Holmquist as Commisioners.We have one of the most beautiful places in the lower 48 states and all these three can see is how to exploit it to their own benefit. American Dream makes up a small minority of the county voters but because of a flawed electorial primary system these nuts keep getting the GOP nomination and since only 40-45 % of the voters are Democrats or independents these loony's win in the general election. To bad the Democrats didn't put up a decent candidate, they might have had a pretty good chance in this one with all of Kruegers baggage.

          • farmer posted at 7:36 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            farmer Posts: 26

            Gary, take your examples and multiply by at least 20. Mom and pop shops don't count. Don't you want jobs?

          • libra42 posted at 6:26 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            libra42 Posts: 461

            I understand and agree with Gary Kruger. The post from debbietant needs no comment, as it speaks for itself. She's absolutely right ... if this is the new day you are looking for, vote DEMOCRAT. It chills me to the bone.

          • ONTHEMARK posted at 6:25 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            ONTHEMARK Posts: 85

            debbitant, I agree with you on one thing that when it comes to DEMOCRATS there is no such thing as "Private" associated with property. Remember the "3 million dollar Democrat man" Joe Brenneman and how he launched one attack after another on private property owners. He even imported an out of state Las Vegas "Smart Growth Planner" to help him in his assault on private property owners. Well we all know how that turned out, 3 million smackaroos down the tubes because Democrat Joe Brenneman was so intent on attacking private property rights that he forgot to follow the law. The good citizens of Flathead County had to run that Las Vegas planner out of town and the Flathead County voters ran Democrat Joe Brenneman out of office because private property rights were constantly under assault when they were in charge.

          • Rebel Rouser posted at 6:18 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            Rebel Rouser Posts: 1563

            How about this, who always ends up paying for the toxic waste clean up after these (foreign) corporations are through polluting the land? There are many examples of US getting screwed because of our "property owners rights at all cost" mentality that never seems to take the whole picture into consideration. Your rights END where my rights begin, so go preach unlimited property owner rights with no zoning, to your American Dream Montana crowed, they want to here it over and over again.

          • debbietant posted at 5:16 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            debbietant Posts: 42

            That's what we need more of in public office in Flathead County, another greedy property owner/farmer telling everyone what to do while he poisons the valley with chemicals and then digs up and plunders and scars the earth for her riches. Obama and local Democrats understand that it's not just the Wall Street greedy 90%, but greedy private property owners like Krueger that need to be taught a lesson and that the word "Private" associated with property is now a thing of the past! Vote DEMOCRAT. A new day has dawned. FORWARD ZONING !!!!!!

          • Gary Krueger posted at 4:48 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            Gary Krueger Posts: 1

            Farmer Thank you for your interest

            Actually I do have a wiener plant within a couple of miles they produce some of the finest locally grown meat products you can buy. However closer than them is a local dairy and bottling plant producing and bottling locally grown milk. Both of these enterprises are allowed in the West Valley Zone thanks to county leaders before us. Those freedoms I talk about include capitalism.

          • RIGHTOFCENTER posted at 3:40 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            RIGHTOFCENTER Posts: 181

            Farmer that's a great idea how many jobs will the weiner factory create??? How do I sign up to be considered for employment at the new factory??? You new factory should be a very postive impact to the Flathead Valley economy and maybe some of our workers who are now in North Dakota can come home to a decent paying job. Will it be a Union or Non-Union shop???

          • farmer posted at 3:23 pm on Mon, Oct 1, 2012.

            farmer Posts: 26

            Quote Gary: “I see zoning rules as a conflict with what America is,” he said, explaining that zoning seems to fly in the face of the freedoms America’s forefathers sought.

            Dear Gary, I just want you to know I plan on opening an Oscar Meyer Weiner plant with a slaughtering facility right next to your property, preferable your house. Please let me know how you feel about this. Please inform me about where your property values go. Negative externalities exist.


          AP Montana