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Teen to be tried as adult

Girl faces two counts of deliberate homicide for horrific traffic crash

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Posted: Saturday, August 7, 2010 2:00 am

An Evergreen teen will be tried as an adult on two counts of deliberate homicide.

District Judge Katherine Curtis issued an order to that effect on Thursday and set a trial date of Sept. 27 for 17-year-old Justine Winter.

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          Welcome to the discussion.


          • ThatTroublemaker posted at 2:48 am on Wed, Nov 3, 2010.

            ThatTroublemaker Posts: 15

            Ridiculous things - this is still being sited as an example of the dangers of texting and driving by many people around town. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TEXTING. The texts were a suicide note! She didn't accidentally cross the center line because she was texted, she texted to tell people she was about to deliberately cross the center line! Thus, it also has nothing to do with the construction crew or a poorly marked center line. She saw it, she was deliberately crossing it.

            As for 16. 16 is perfectly adult, more than mature enough to be legally responsible, in my opinion. Lock her up. Throw away the key. Make her miserable. She did the most cold and heartless thing imaginable... killed three other people in an attempt to take her own life. She is worse than any rapist, drug dealer, gang murderer, etc who is locked up for life with no sympathy felt for them. I do NOT support the death penalty in any case, that is God's job, not ours. But *if* I supported the death penalty, this girl would be one of the very few I would support it being used on.

          • Sanity posted at 7:01 pm on Mon, Aug 30, 2010.

            Sanity Posts: 46

            The tragedy just never ends. So much sadness...

            Put down the hate. Put down the cell phone. Sit down and think. Sit down with your loved ones and talk. Share with young people. Share with them ways to manage stress and encourage responsibility in driving, in dating, and most of all in responding to real or perceived tragedies.

            So many lives lost or ruined over a boyfriend/girlfriend squabble between teens. And now the circus of lawyers and legal strategies,... So many mistakes. Why can't everyone involved just stop the insanity and face the consequences of a young girl's actions? I am so sorry for the father of this young girl. It must be devastating. I am so sad for the widower left behind. May you all find peace.

          • zelmo posted at 9:13 am on Thu, Aug 19, 2010.

            zelmo Posts: 19

            It has been a year since we experieinced "Flathead on the Rocks", er I mean Barkus's Boatgate. Why has this not been brought to trial and justice done for these crimes. If it was some other than Barkus, HE would demand a speedy trial! Just shows you that the color of justice is Green! More money results in a better outcome. What has happened is just exactly what Barkus wants... a red herring where if you drag it out long enough, people will tend to forget what happened and this good ol' boy can get away with a mere slap on the hand!

          • montucky posted at 2:10 pm on Wed, Aug 18, 2010.

            montucky Posts: 24

            From what I can understand this gal needs to be charged as an adult for making the decision to cause the crash. It appears she acted recklessly and in the manner of a two year old throwing a tempertantrum. She caused pain and suffering to a family who did not deserve it and will need to pay for her act.

            That being said, what is up with all of the hate posted below. Hang her, No mercy, go to jail for the rest of her life are only some of the comments I have read.

          • Flathead Resident posted at 1:10 pm on Wed, Aug 18, 2010.

            Flathead Resident Posts: 107

            Thank you photoguy for explaining this. I was wondering the same thing. I feel that is a true diservice to our community, as there was some good healthy conversations taking place. I find it odd that the DI is all for free speech, as they use this to run their articles, some of which are mistaken from start to end. Why would they delete posts which were not vulgur, threatening, and or out of line. Just wondering? I guess what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander. Goes to show you the power the DI has on skewing what our community has to say about something. I know many people from out of state read these, they must think we all have pitchforks and nooses hanging from our trees. SAD

          • photoguy posted at 5:35 pm on Tue, Aug 17, 2010.

            photoguy Posts: 940

            Outdoor Lover,

            The OWNERS of the website would be the ones removing the posts, this is not a free speech area, it is a privately owned website, the first amendment does not apply....

          • outdoor lover posted at 11:34 am on Tue, Aug 17, 2010.

            outdoor lover Posts: 121

            I would like to know who it removing posts from this site, it appears anyone who has said something towards the effect of waiting until a jury of her peers finds her guilty has been removed. Actually kalispelldude and I agreed, and I notice our posts have been removed as well as Flathead Resident's post. WHY? The other day I was on here and there were almost 45 posts, and now we are down to 38.

          • mornixuur posted at 8:22 pm on Mon, Aug 16, 2010.

            mornixuur Posts: 1

            Slayer, you've chosen to make 5 clearly numbered points, So let's take them one by one.

            1) You've attempted to draw sympathy for Ms. Winter by pointing out her physical injuries. However, it's pretty clear here that her injuries are of her own doing. I can't say I am swayed by such a pathetic attempt to draw an emotional response.

            Also, you mentioned the lawsuit is to "protect her constitutional rights". Is that the best you've got? "By God, I have a right to sue, and i'm gonna?" The forensic evidence at the scene indicates she was driving recklessly, and the texts indicate she intended to crash her car. Yeah, she may have a right to sue, but ethically, an attorney shouldn't be filing a lawsuit when theyknow they don't have a leg to stand on. After this is all said and done, I hope her attorney gets disbarred for willful misconduct.

            2) The prosecutor and the attorney for the estate apparently chat and joke around together? Ummm, it's called a legal community. Lawyers know each other. Do you expect them to all hate each other? Or isolate themselves? I don't think so, especially not in a town that size.

            3-5) The lawyer is from the same town as her deceased client. OK. Is there a point there? If i hire an attorney for a local court case, it'll be someone local too. Duhhh. Oh, and the judge is from the same town?? Gee, what a surprise. The judge lives in the area he has jurisdiction over.

            Apparently you're trying to make a conspiracy here. Good luck with that. Hope the aliens don't get you along the way.

          • photoguy posted at 7:47 pm on Mon, Aug 16, 2010.

            photoguy Posts: 940


            Yes, this is the United States, and as such, people do have a right to express their opinions, now if there is actual harassment or threats going on, then that is a matter for the police and should be reported as such. It is unfortunate, that high profile cases such as this are always judged by the public before they are judged by the court... There is currently a perception of the family as well as the public being wronged and the public is not a nice place to be judged.

            But you in your own posting, may have opened yourself up to a slander or libel suit, you are making allegations about officials that can or cannot be proven in this forum, but could hurt a reputation or standing in the commuity, so you might want to rethink your postings in the future.

          • slayer posted at 10:12 am on Mon, Aug 16, 2010.

            slayer Posts: 14

            Here are some facts. Do with them what you will.
            Justine, her Father and her lawyers are being castigated for filing a lawsuit against the Thompson Estate.

            1) Penni Chisholm first wrote to Justine's Lawyers saying that Penni Chislholm who represents Erin Thompson's Estate ([her firm is Chisholm & Chisholm, Columbia Falls) was filing suit against Justine within a day or two. Unlike the lawyer for Caden Odell's Father, she wasn't willing to wait for the Criminal Case to be resolved. She thought it would benefit there case to oppress a young girl who has severe brain damage, severe liver damage, and severe fractures.
            This necessitated Justine to filed first.Why is it considered wrong for her protect her constitutional rights?

            2) Ms. Chisholm has been seen repeatedly at the transfer hearing chatting up Prosecutor Ed Corrigan, laughing and joking with him.

            3) Ms. Chisholm is from Columbia Falls.

            4) Judge Curtis is from Columbia Falls.

            5) Erin Thompson is from Columbia Falls.

            6) Penni Chisholm and Judge Curtis are reportedly involved together in a local charity for children.

            7) Those in charge of the Daily InterLake are friends of the Thompson Family.

            8) The Daily Interlake has allowed its website blogs to be used to harass and threaten Justine, her Family and her Lawyers, even posting a request for retaliation against Justine listing her home telephone number resulting in harassing and threatening telephone calls, as well as unauthorized orders for pizza to be delivered to her home.

            It appears that both muckrakers and grieving friends and family want a "lynching"?
            When was the last lynching in Montana ? .
            I thought our forefathers fought more than one bloody war to free ALL of us from this sort of oppression.
            This is the United States, NOT Nazi Germany !

          • MrMark posted at 11:40 pm on Fri, Aug 13, 2010.

            MrMark Posts: 359

            LadyGriz85, well said! Unfortunately, I know this family and I know what a great guy the father is. I'm actually surprised that they have taken this stance. I'm infuriated that they would consider this especially because of the information that we have so far. However, that said, there must be some reason that they think that such a ploy is even plausible and it's too bad that this has to play out in the court of public viewership and opinion. Based upon information that has been made public, Justine should fry. But lets hold judgment for now.

          • posted at 11:13 am on Thu, Aug 12, 2010.


            Hi Faithful Reader: You asked about the "preliminary trial" in the Winter case. This was an unusual procedure used by Judge Curtis to determine whether or not the accused would face trial as a juvenile or adult. It was not a "pre-trial motion" but rather a full trial with evidence presented by both sides. As for her lawsuit, it was also filed by Battle and Stufft as attorneys for Winter. So far as I know, they are private attorneys. The lawsuit, however, speaks on behalf of the plaintiff and thus it is Winter herself (and her father since she is a minor) who is responsible. —Frank Miele, Managing Editor

          • LadyGriz85 posted at 7:04 am on Thu, Aug 12, 2010.

            LadyGriz85 Posts: 5

            Are you kidding the flathead valley? This was not an accident, she stated in her text messages that she was going to kill herself. Now she is sueing the dead women's estates. And you think this is just an accident? I hope Ms. Winters and her family never moves on.

            Never forget...actions like hers should be punished and be made an example of. She is a spoiled brat who deserves to go to jail for at least 10 years.

          • IDLFH posted at 12:52 am on Thu, Aug 12, 2010.

            IDLFH Posts: 2

            This is a sad case and it's evident the judge put a lot of thought and effort into her decision.

            Why is the Office Administrator commenting on the County Attorney's cases? Shouldn't comments about a case or the merits of the case be left up to a person trained and educated in the law?

          • whippoorwill posted at 12:15 pm on Wed, Aug 11, 2010.

            whippoorwill Posts: 1

            Come on, people of the Flathead Valley. This was a horrific accident. We will never know definitively what happened that night. Had the county not pursued prosecution, these families would both be allowed to move on and to begin to heal. Particularly the family of the deceased. Instead, a year later, we are faced with the kind of hate I read here. The ugly rehashing of this tragic event is just endless. I am ashamed of my community.
            Make no judgments where you have no compassion.

          • faithful reader posted at 3:05 pm on Tue, Aug 10, 2010.

            faithful reader Posts: 412

            Can we get some solid reporting on this? Was the Winters' suit filed by an attorney or by the Winters themselves? Are Max Battle and David Stufft working as public defenders or as privately hired defense attorneys? Why do the stories keep referring to a preliminary trial? Are the reporters confused by a pre-trial motion concerning jurisdiction? Come on, Interlake.

          • miapea posted at 12:18 pm on Tue, Aug 10, 2010.

            miapea Posts: 137

            @ outdoor lover.. I was not giving you a PERSONAL attack. Was just saying to put yourself into Erin's husbands shoes. DANI_RDH said what i was trying to get across. Everyone has a right to disagree. Thats why this discussion area is up and why we have rights as americans. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Winters is not a minor now that she is being charged as an adult! She had adult responsibilities and she blew it when she killed 3 innocent people on PURPOSE! The facts might be that she is a minor but she is being charged as an adult and she killed 3 innocent people for her selfishness. And i might add she has not shown any emotions for her actions. Makes her coldheart killer in my book!
            To Outdoor Lover... I'm sorry if you took offense to what i said. I took offense to what you said as you thought people would. I understand we all have opinions on this matter and we have that right!

          • Dani_RDH posted at 9:00 am on Tue, Aug 10, 2010.

            Dani_RDH Posts: 4

            @ outdoorlover : it's okay to disagree but understand obtaining a license and operating a motor vehicle is an ADULT RESPONSIBILITY....if 16 yr old "children" as you say, are still in fact "children" then maybe they shouldn't be allowed to drive cars...

          • outdoor lover posted at 10:28 pm on Mon, Aug 9, 2010.

            outdoor lover Posts: 121

            @miapea, you have no idea what I have lived through, so before you go spouting your fingers on this page you best think about what you say. You wrote a personal attack on me, and you are way out of line. I HAVE LIVED THROUGH something very similar, and one needs to understand FACTS and not emotions at times. The facts to ME are she is a minor and should be treated as much. As I stated earlier, I am not going to debate this issue.

          • MrMark posted at 10:27 pm on Mon, Aug 9, 2010.

            MrMark Posts: 359

            averagejoe, Don't worry. By the time this is all over with she'll be an adult!

          • 4 my boys posted at 11:54 am on Mon, Aug 9, 2010.

            4 my boys Posts: 4

            In the picture above of this waist of breath Justine, she shows no sorrow, what a snotty look upon her face as if this is a waist of her time

          • 4 my boys posted at 11:52 am on Mon, Aug 9, 2010.

            4 my boys Posts: 4

            I hope she gets tried as an adult, and spends a long long time in jail, its time to face the responsibility of your actions, you were responsible enough to drive, your responsible enough to deal with that comes of your actions.
            I feel so bad for the Thompson family, may they rest in peace, and may there family be guided by god to heal through this time in their life, what a waist of space you are justine

          • 4 my boys posted at 11:48 am on Mon, Aug 9, 2010.

            4 my boys Posts: 4

            This disgusts me,

          • rallysmom posted at 10:05 am on Mon, Aug 9, 2010.

            rallysmom Posts: 40

            I am pleased with the ruling, because this is the only way she will get a sentance long enough to actually punish her. If she was tried as a minor and only did a couple of years, I don't think she would learn her lession. I don't think that 16 is an adult, but I also don't think that 16 year olds should be able to get their driver's licenses. Time and time again, youths have show to be too irresponsible to handle the responsibiliy of driving. They are always on their cell phones or texting, or driving recklessly with too many friends in the car and the music up too loud. This should really be a start to someone looking at the driving age requirements and increasing them. If you cannot vote, go into the military or smoke ciggarettes until you are an adult at 18, why should you be allowed the power of driving a 2 ton machine?
            I hope that Ms. Winters and her family read these comments and take something from them. It has been said that Justine has been living her life freely and happily since the accident, being allowed to go on college visits, managing the school sports team and being a teenager in general. Ms. Winters, while you are doing all of these activities, stop for a moment and think how there is a father who will never get to see his TWO children to any of those things and he doesn't have a wife to consol him about that fact. I hope it is not true that you seem to show no remorse or responsibiliy about what you did. I would like to think that you are in as much pain as the family who's lives you destroyed. Either way, I will be happy to see you go to jail for a long, long time to pay for your reckless actions.

          • mom101 posted at 6:27 pm on Sun, Aug 8, 2010.

            mom101 Posts: 8

            I think this is WONDERFUL!!! Did she take drivers ed? If so then she should have known better. Justine you should go to prison for a long time!!! I still say she should be put in a car doing 30 and have another car come at her at 80. What happen to eye for an eye. Maybe we would not have so much crime if that were the case. Randy I am 100% embarrassed that my family ever called you a stand up guy. I think I may know the reason for your exwife and her problems and why your mentally unstable daughter are the way they are. I always told my spouse you had a "I am better than anyone" attitude. So can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing you are sueing the estate of the people JUSTINE your irresponsible, mentally unstable daughter killed? I think you probably aren't even man enough to read these comments.

          • ImRhys posted at 1:33 pm on Sun, Aug 8, 2010.

            ImRhys Posts: 9

            @ride the pow im sorry but not all of "generation Y" is a messed up as you think just because one girl made a huge mistake does not mean her whole generation is as messed up as her. I hate to break it to you but as a part of what you call "generation Y" I know right from wrong, I have morals unlike her and my parents have told me "no you cant do that", I am far from spoiled and I do not think the universe revolves around me. I know how to take responsibility for my actions and I do so when I am wrong.

            I noticed that you also commented on the story about her suing the Thompson estate and said pretty much the exact same thing, you need to get a grip and realize not everyone is like her. Maybe you should take into account that your acting like her and blaming other people for someone else actions. You are blaming "generation Y" for her actions like she is blaming Erin for her crashing her car. You are just trying to give her another excuse by giving her the option to blame "generation Y" instead of taking accountability for her actions so thank you for giving her another excuse.

          • miapea posted at 11:28 am on Sun, Aug 8, 2010.

            miapea Posts: 137

            @ outdoor lover.... I bet if Winters killed your whole family on purpose then you would think differently. If Winters was my child she would rather spend the rest of her life in jail than what i would do to her!!!!!!! If you get behind the wheel of a car you have the same laws and responsibilities as the rest of us..NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE IS!!!!!!

          • outdoor lover posted at 1:00 am on Sun, Aug 8, 2010.

            outdoor lover Posts: 121

            I must disagree, a 16 year old is NOT an adult. Our law states that you are not an adult until the age of 18. I understand the Court is making an example out of her, and I am not one to judge the Honorable Katherine R. Curtis decision. But I have the right to disagree with the decision, a 16 year old is a child to me.I know when I was 16, I did not take into consideration my actions and how they may have affected others as I do now, that comes with maturity. I have no idea if she is guilty or not guilty of the offense she has been charged with, and this is not my decision to make. I know many of you disagree with my thought process, and you have that right and I will not debate it. My prayers go out to all involved and to everyone who was affected by this incident.

          • His heart posted at 12:24 am on Sun, Aug 8, 2010.

            His heart Posts: 3

            If your old enough to drive, then your old enough to except the responsibilities that comes with that license! therefore, she should be held accountable for her actions as an adult. she knew better to be driving 85 mph, especially in an construction zone. not to mention she was also texting her boyfriend too at the same time. I don't care if she was 16, the fact of the matter is there is a lot of evidence against her! they are just trying to figure a way to clear her of her bad choices she made!

            This Civil lawsuit is all a ploy. you watch and see how it all plays out. right now it is all about the greedy lawyers, and the insurance Company involved! probably the Insurance is refusing to pay cause it was intentional. so the Father had to come up with some kind of way to help pay for the expenses. and the only way to do so, is to try and push a civil suit. I don't believe this will go any where. but they are probably being pressured by the Lawyers, cause they are financially in ruins right now. Medical bills for Justine, court costs, lawyer fees, so not only did Justine destroy three lives & their family members lives, she also ruined her Families life too. she will have to live with that for the rest of her life. yes, I do agree that she needs to be made an example for her actions. But I also hope she finds God through all this. and really thinks about the choices she made. its a hard lesson to swallow, but we all have to be held accountable for our Bad choices in the end!

          • cardsfan posted at 11:53 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            cardsfan Posts: 1

            @Ride the Pow im sorry but jsut because of one inciedent you cant condem a whole generation for being messed up. my parents told me know you cant do that all the time. and i know alot of other parents that did the same. im 19years old and i have a sense of moral. every generation has gone through the teenage and teenagers do have there moments. everyone has so you can say all kids are spoiled. thats a wrong acusation

          • firebeam posted at 5:58 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            firebeam Posts: 106

            @Outdoor Lover: I agree with Photoguy; you can't have it both ways... once you sit behind the wheel of a car, you agree by doing so to abide by ADULT rules and hold yourself out as able to handle ADULT responsibilities.

            I do have to wonder, if the defendant's filing a civil suit against the victim's estate didn't influence the judges ruling. Could it be that she was on the fence and the civil suit made her decison easier. Only her hairdresser knows.

            This is such a sad, sad event. Just try to imagine how widower Thompson feels. Seriously, take a full minute and imagine. I doubt any of us can truly appeciate the range of emotion and pain he must be experiencing. As much as it hurts me to say it, if I were in his shoes, I would want an eye for an eye---I just think there are very few people who could have their lives ripped apart this way and look past it. If they can, well sainthood must await them.

            Miss Winter: the reality of this is that your regret, remorse or sorrow just isn't enough...not even close.

            It's too bad you will never have the opportunity to choose/learn to be responsible, now that you will be held accountable---for there is a difference. the first you choose to do; the latter is forced upon you if you didn't choose to do the first.

            Godspeed to all involved........

          • Ride the Pow posted at 4:17 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            Ride the Pow Posts: 6

            I think we should throw this girl a party to cheer her up. Lets tell her what a great job she did. It wasn't her fault, she was emotionally abused by her boyfriend, her parents didn't love her, she has probably been opressed somehow. I'm sure if we try hard enough we'll all see that this poor little girl is really the vivtim here. Lets blame it on Knife River, nobody likes road construction, just blame it on them.

            I so fear for this country, generation Y is messed up, these kids have no values or morals, there is no right and wrong for these kids. No one has ever told them "no you can't do that" in their entire lives. They all think they are the center of the universe and they can do whatever they please and deserve to get away with it, like spoiled little Kennedy kids driving into ponds and killing people then walking away like nothing happenned. And I'm only 35, this country is screwed. And the lawyers, don't get me started on how messed up our courts are.

          • Claus posted at 2:48 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            Claus Posts: 408

            Suing the victims estate is a very bad move. If this is an example of the defense's strategy, maybe they're going for a mistrial on the basis of incompetent representation.

          • cuzican posted at 1:34 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            cuzican Posts: 231

            I was trying to keep an open mind on the level of her guilt....thinking the court system would sort it out. That is until her side of this mess decided to file lawsuits against anybody, everybody, anything that were involved in the accident or construction of the road she was on.

            Bottom line is this......the speed limit where the accident happened was 55mph and it was a construction zone. She chose to ignore all the signage informing her of the construction zone, detours, abrupt edges (I saw the signs....I drove that road during the construction I know how well everything was marked) and drive 85mph like a friggin lunatic.
            IF she did not intentionally cross the centerline to hit the other car, IF it really was an "accident", if she had been driving the posted speed limit instead of 30mph above, she probably would have been able to interpret the signs and markings as they were intended and the accident would have never happened.

            She made the choice to ignore the speed limit, which in turn means she made the choice to pay no attention to the construction zone and associated signage.
            Even if she didn't mean to cross the centerline and cause the accident, she still caused the accident by being a stupid wreckless kid.

            I hope the judge and jury shows her NO MERCY!!!!

            Good day.

          • miapea posted at 1:29 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            miapea Posts: 137

            If she did this to my family i would want her to hanged END OF STORY. I honestly will say that i was shocked she is getting charged as an adult. I thought for sure that would not happen. BUT i'm glad she is. Once i read she was sueing the Thompsons estate then i really started to hate this girl even more. She deserves no mercy. I do not care how old she is. She knew what she was doing and didn't care who she hurt. She was going 85 mph in a construction zone and didn't care who she hurt when SHE chose to run her car into Erins. If there was such an issue with the markings on this road, i surely did not see it and i used that road everyday to go to work. Just another excuse from a heartless girl who still has not shown anything towards what she did. My hearts and prayers are with the Thompson family!!

          • MTlover2 posted at 1:07 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            MTlover2 Posts: 19

            After reading this I just have to ask Kalispelldude one question.....would you still think she were so innocent if it were YOUR family Justine annialated during one of her little selfish, disqusting temper tantrums? I think not!

          • MTlover2 posted at 1:05 pm on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            MTlover2 Posts: 19

            I agree......not only Halleluja but AMEN as well! If Justine were ADULT enough to be driving a car then she is more than capable of being TRIED AS AN ADULT in killing 3 innocent people.....which we all know she did! Not only has she done this but she has shown absulutely no remorse but instead points the finger at 4 other entities she feels is responsible. It is bad enough this has happened but this is what happens when society raises their offspring to do as they please and have no consquenses what so ever. If only Justine's parents would have lived lives fearful of God and the values that go along with that instead of sitting in a bar getting drunk every chance they got then this whole scene could have been avoided. My heart is absolutely broken for the Thompson family and I pray every day for the good Lord to hold them in His hands and consoul their broken hearts for the loved ones they no longer get to be with. I also pray for the RIGHT resolution to this whole mess which would be for Justine to spend the rest of her ADULT life in prison suffering like she is making the Thompsons suffer.

          • relativity posted at 10:56 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            relativity Posts: 1

            Great News Indeed! Prior to the insane lawsuit filed by Miss Winter & her father I would have been fine with her being tried in Juvenile Court as long as she did some time and accepted the truth about what she did. As far as I can tell, she has absolutely no remorse and is more concerned about herself than the victims she killed. While doing time may not make her feel anything, it will at least keep her from killing more innocent people during one of her tantrums. Obviously there was enough evidence in the pre-trial to show who's fault it was and trying to blame the victims is ruthless. But then what would you expect from someone like Justine?

          • averagejoe posted at 9:33 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            averagejoe Posts: 253

            Kalispelldude, the procecution has only brought forth enough evidence to get this to trial. I am sure they have proof that she did this deliberately or else they would not have pushed for her to be tried as an adult.
            Outside of her injuries, that she herself caused, she has shown no remorse publicly for what she has done. I am not a big fan of sending children to prison but I think in this case it is the only thing that might make her understand that she killed innocent people and that she needs to be held accountable.

          • frustrated59901 posted at 8:37 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            frustrated59901 Posts: 39

            Kalispelldude- Hallelujah? Absolutely! At least the victims in this crime may finally have a chance at justice. If you think that is calloused, then I feel sorry for you.

          • ZooTown024 posted at 8:07 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            ZooTown024 Posts: 43

            Quick question for Kalispelldude. If she is convicted of the crimes what do you think her sentence should be? Please keep in mind that in Montana you only have to serve 25% of your sentence to be eligible for parole. So if she got 10 years she would more than likely be out in 2.5 to 5. Does that seem like it would be a just sentence for the intentional murders of 3 people? Personally, I think she should sit in the pokey until she reaches the age of her oldest vicim, if found guilty, of course.

          • photoguy posted at 7:54 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            photoguy Posts: 940

            In these modern time, a person of 16 is fully capable of understanding the concept of right and wrong, and understanding the ramifications of their actions and are old enough to accept the responsibility of driving a vehicle. She was also old enough to formulate intent. These are the types of things the courts ask when they are deciding to try a person as a child or an adult.

            I will reserve judgment until such time as the case is adjudicated by the court.

          • outdoor lover posted at 7:33 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

            outdoor lover Posts: 121

            I understand this is a truly devestating and tragic situation, but she was 16 years old when this incident occured. I am having a difficult time agreeing with the idea of her being charged as an adult. I am just voiceing my opinion. I am keeping an open mind in regards to her guilt as I believe we are all innocent until proven guilty, and she will now face a jury of ADULT peers (is this really a jury of her peers?, just throwing that question out there) and I pray that the jurors take their duties seriously and seek to find the truth, whatever that might be.

          • kalispelldude posted at 7:13 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

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            Hallelujah? What a thing to say. What a jerk you are. 3 people died, several more lives ruined on both sides of the issue, and your response is hallelujah? What a calloused valley we live in.

            "He testified at the preliminary trial that it’s reasonable to conclude the crash was intentional based on inspection of the speedometer and the fact that the vehicle’s brakes weren’t applied until one second before deployment of the air bags." Hmmm....but isn't also reasonable to conclude that maybe the brakes weren't applied because she wasn't the one who crossed the center line at that time, as the defense expert claims? If you're gonna try to send someone to prison for a substantial amount of time, don't you think you should review ALL the evidence first, and be impartial? Oh wait..that's only on tv. Lynch mob! Lynch her! Burn her at the stake!

          • frustrated59901 posted at 6:36 am on Sat, Aug 7, 2010.

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