Taking stock of Hollywood’s gun-porn hypocrisy in a post-Harvey ‘Me Too’ world

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For decades of decadence, Hollywood and its minions have made billions exploiting women, both on camera and off.

But then suddenly one day, (gasp!) the all-seeing eye of a hidden Hollywood camera lens zooms in on content so offensive, it is deemed inappropriate even by Hollywood’s sordid self-serving standards. Not surprisingly, no one in America but left-leaning politicians and pontificating Hollywood elitists were really “shocked” by any of this.

The denial and hypocrisy it takes to be this intellectually bankrupt is staggering. Everyone knows that this “exploitation” for many years was just the price of success to “make it” in Hollywood, and everyone paid it.

But overnight it seems that every woman in America became a “Me Too” victim as a result. Why? Because women who were once glamorized and idolized by Hollywood were left feeling patronized and victimized. In fact, the not-so-nice business of Hollywood as usual kind of left actresses acting, and even feeling, just a bit mortified.

But as everyone knows, “sex sells.” Or ... at least it used to.

Funny how times change as introspection became fashionable enough for Hollywood to be accountable for its sex crimes.

But what about Hollywood’s gun crimes?

The hot push-button topic of Hollywood gun-porn and the billion dollar video gun-game industry is never on the radar. But is that about to change? In this climate change of horrific mass shootings, how is it that Hollywood can continue unabated cashing in on gratuitous gun violence that serves a steady diet of mayhem to kids as a form of “entertainment”? Why do we continue to support and tolerate a Hollywood that glamorizes gun violence?

Wow, we just watched a dozen people get shot, but, hey! ... let’s all celebrate with more popcorn!

With the help of a complicit media, no introspection is necessary while Hollywood shifts responsibility to “the NRA and America’s gun culture” even as it spawns a malignant prime-time gun culture of its own that threatens the life, liberty and fabric of our republic.

In this post-Harvey Me-Too climate-changing world, women ... and mothers ... in America, have joined in solidarity to preach a message of zero tolerance for sexual exploitation to their daughters.

OK, fair enough. Bravo.

But at the same time, what mother or parent would allow children to become victims of gun violence? What are mothers teaching their sons and daughters about the dangers of supporting Hollywood’s very profitable gun-porn industry? The increase of mass shootings in America is in direct correlation to Hollywood’s “sexualization” of gun violence.

America from its inception has always been armed. Why all the mass shootings now? Once upon a time, graphic gun carnage and bloody video games were not part of our culture. So why is Hollywood allowed to sell this kind of evil as entertainment today with zero social accountability? How many mass shootings will it take for Hollywood to get a clue that its gratuitous gun-porn flicks will no longer be tolerated?

OK, everyone who wants MORE gun control, take a deep breath and let it out SLOWLY as you read this. Yes, you will find this hard to believe, but when my father was a kid, you could still take an unloaded gun to school and store it in your locker to go hunting after classes. Target shooting and marksmanship programs like 4H and NRA were encouraged and even taught in public schools.

Perhaps if there was a “Me Too” movement by gun owners to boycott Hollywood’s gun-porn industry, Hollywood might take notice.

But I wouldn’t hold my breath and neither should you.

If you live in a blue state, you have been victimized by Hollywood’s violent anti-gun agenda, even if you are not a gun owner. If you are a woman, or single mom who needs a handgun for self-defense in a domestic violence case where a restraining order has been placed on an ex-flame, good luck with that. It takes months and months and reams of paperwork in triplicate submitted to every police agency in my former state of New York to even be considered. Even then, the odds of actually getting a permit just to buy a handgun are pretty much nil unless you are politically connected.

That’s just one of the reasons I don’t live in New York anymore. But hey, Hillary still does!

Speaking of politically connected crooked Hillary, imagine if Hillary Clinton was president when the Weinstein scandal broke. What would, or even could, she say, that would make any sense after decades of covering up for her predator husband and blaming the victims, while taking thousands of corrupt Weinstein dollars for her campaign?

Well, then again, not much of what Hillary has ever said makes any sense. And so imagine Hillary as president in the current climate-changing world of calls for even more knee-jerk gun control. Duplicity is as duplicity does. Self-serving Machiavellian political chameleons never ever let a good crisis go to waste.

And so, unfortunately, our rights as gun owners are apparently only as good as the national reaction to the next mass shooting, the next seat up for election or the next court appointment, while Hollywood gets a free pass. Gun owners are tired of being lynch-mobbed in the court of public opinion after every shooting spree for the crimes of a complicit and blood-soaked Hollywood.

We are all Americans.

All of us have been violated and victimized by the gun-toting psycho-trash “thrillers” which Hollywood spews from its gutters. It’s way past time to hold Hollywood accountable for its gun crimes. Time to shut it off and shut them down. These are the same vermin that contribute millions of dollars to gun control candidates in every election year ... and they got all that money to take away your rights by selling you gun-porn.

Hollywood, “Me Too” karma is a bitch when the lights finally come on.

Seymour is a resident of Kalispell.

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