Bucket biology diversity: It’s never a good idea

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Old fashion diversity alone isn’t good enough anymore to fix institutionalized systemic white-male-privileged racism in America. We need aggressive bucket biology diversity to fix the problem.

The good news is that fixing or neutering America and Americans today has never been easier.

But first, systemically racist toxic white males need to realize that THEY are the problem. In other words, if you are white and male, you are a racist. Simply put, we need more compassion for anyone coming to America to help diversify the country ... like the ISIS-inspired Home Depot truck Halloween terrorist who came here on the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program.”

The author of bucket biology diversity is Senator Chucky Schumer, Democrat from my home state of New York. The Diversity Visa Lottery Program was initiated by Chucky to throw (white) Americans under the bus and make room for “diversity immigrants.”

Yes, it’s true. And we have Chucky to thank for it.

I know we have all done this many times before, but for the sake of unity, tap your ruby slippers together again three times and chant, “There is no strength like diversity.”

Amazing right? Poof! All logic, discernment and judgment vanish, just like magic. Or maybe voodoo.

Speaking of voodoo, “The Latin root word of “diversity” is the verb divertere, which means to “turn in different directions” or divert. What this means for you as an average American is that, the more diverse we are as a nation the more divided we become.

Right? No, ah ... I mean, don’t we have more strength ... and unity? Someone help me ... I think I might have Pelosi brain freeze.

If you or a loved one are suffering from Divorced From Reality Syndrome call the 1-800 hotline now at the bottom of your screen. Side effects include, but are not limited to, believing in Pollyanna solutions, frequent Nancy Pelosi-like brain freeze, irredeemable leftist ideological stupefaction and crying uncontrollably from micro aggressions caused by white privilege and/or toxic masculinity.

A simple lesson on how to understand why diversity is our greatest strength comes from the Democratic University of Diversity web page. This should scare you, so can someone dim the lights? Thanks.

“Once upon a time, in a dark uncivilized world we all once new, if a group of murderous thugs slaughtered innocent people, we called that genocide. But today we embracing it as diversity. We have a moral obligation to tolerate those that hate us because we understand that it’s our fault that we are hated. Viral diversity is democracy where we can all coexist and embrace the most extreme expressions of our humanity...”

Can someone hit the lights again?

OK, now turn to the big cartoon character of Nancy Pelosi waving and smiling on page two. Are we all on page two? So to sum up, Nancy says, here is an easy alphabetical acrostic to help you apply this lesson to your own life and help us all live together in egalitarian harmony.

A is for America, B is for Bad and C stands for correcting bad America with D … or more Diversity! Now wasn’t that an easy lesson, America? Thank you, Nancy!

No, you are not an American yet? No problem! If you are a non-racist potential lottery winner living in a country with low rates of immigration to the U.S., you have a better chance of winning the “non-discrimination nation lottery” than ever before!

E pluribus unum is the Latin for “Out of many, one.” It is the traditional motto of the United States and kind of like the opposite of “Divided we fall.” Can anyone tell me, what is the singular “unum” or one thing that makes America a cohesive nation today? Anyone?


American unity used to be based on values enshrined in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. But the new “unifying value” in America today is “diversity” at all costs. Diversity in America means white males need not apply. Diversity also means greater “democracy” or mob rule for anarchists to destroy what is left of American social cohesion.

By repeating the big lie about “tolerance” while pushing an intolerant politically correct cradle-to-grave agenda to fundamentally change America, the left is free to divide and conquer at will. Why? Because Americans are terrified of being called ... (gasp!) … *racist! (*Note: you are racist if your children dress in a Halloween costume that does not resemble their gender or match their skin color.)

Excuse me, but ... how absurd have we become as a nation?

No, please. Don’t answer that.

Answer this instead. How long can we stoke the fires of societal diversity with impunity without division resulting in terminal social chaos? For those of you who voted for Bernie or have a degree from Berkeley, the answer is forever. Because diversity magically brings about homogeneity in society when you tap the ruby slippers together.

When a society, an economy or a system works together cohesively, it reduces entropy, increases productivity and the individual benefits as the group prospers.

So when the left chants about the virtues of diversity at all costs, what they are really doing is diverting your attention away from their goal, which is to divide and destroy America by creating social chaos.

Which brings us to this dilemma. If you are non-Muslim working at Home Depot, are you “racially profiling” if you refuse to rent a truck to a man with a 12-inch beard and a suspicious name right before Halloween?

The answer is no, you are not racist, because Islam is not an ethnicity or race, it is supremacist indoctrination. Islam is best understood as a supremacist political ideology disguised as religion that wants to dominate the world, much like an invasive species destroys an ecosystem if introduced by bucket biology.

Diversity is wonderful if species have evolved symbiotically within an ecosystem. But like an invasive species that eventually wipes out everything else, bucket biology immigration can only increase our diversity and strengthen democracy.

There is no unity like diversity.

Just like Europe.

Robert Seymour is a resident of Kalispell.

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