Why Trump’s failure is so important to the left

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Trump must not only fail, but “be assassinated,” according to one female Democratic legislator. Such violent hatred has reached levels of incivility previously unacceptable in our country. One would think this is an historically critical issue. Why must he not be allowed to succeed as president? Because it is historically significant. If he succeeds; how we are represented in Washington may well be changed forever and those changes threaten the establishment on both sides of the aisle and they clearly realize that and are frightened by the potential.

The existing status quo of the swamp is under siege, which seriously threatens the self-serving incestuous world they have created for themselves. The power, prestige, and perks they enjoy which make re-election their primary objective might be reduced or even eliminated in some cases. No longer might they be able to make laws that apply to everyone else but not them: or grant themselves exemptions, retirement benefits, immunities, and numerous other special advantages that the rest of us don’t enjoy. And how would it change the influence special interest groups have on their votes? How about the well-embedded practice of, “If you don’t co-sponsor my legislation, I won’t do yours”?

Calling it a swamp fails to describe the depth of dishonesty and corruption that prevails in the establishment. Speaking of honesty, let’s not omit the massive voter fraud issue and which party profits from it. For years the Republicans campaigned on repealing/replacing Obamacare, tax reform, and immigration reform, but now that they are in power they are in opposition. How dishonest is that?

I do believe, however, that most new electees go to Washington with good motivations, intending to do the right things but almost immediately the peer pressure is such that doing things the right way supersedes doing the right things. The right way, of course, is following the rules of the insider club which has circled its wagons to prevent Trump, the outsider, from changing their private world. This includes the anti-Trump establishment clubs outside of Washington. So dependent upon the Mexican vote, as an example, are the Democrats, that 15 state attorneys general filed suit to stop Trump’s efforts to end DACA even though these chief legal officers knew it was unconstitutional to begin with.

The forces arrayed against Trump’s success are so numerous and formidable that to succeed might require divine intervention. In addition to the inside establishment club there is that one entity that determines how most people think and what they believe — the media. The information technology world, including social media, is so influenced by the new three-headed God of the secular humanist movement — political correctness, multi-cultural diversity, and moral relativism — that anything approaching opposition to it is instantly vilified. All opponents are called racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, bigots, etc. The mainstream media, with few exceptions, acts as the personal propaganda arm of the anti-Trump forces. Without the honest, fair, and objective coverage by increasingly successful television, radio, and print organizations many would never know the truth. The recent polls which usually reflect the biases of the mainstream media, however, have shown Trump’s approval ratings, though still low, are higher than those of Congress as a whole. Perhaps we now have three parties: The Republicans, The Democrats, and Trump’s American People’s Party.

The progressive left and Democrat return to power is dependent on Trump failing. One of the main strategies to achieve that failure is to divide the country against itself, and what better tactic than promoting and perpetuating racism. Racial unrest and police animosity was facilitated to such an extent under Obama that much of the progress made since Martin Luther King has been reversed. Black living, working, welfare and education levels have all fallen to disgraceful levels. But the Democrats responsible for such failures for many years still continue to facilitate racism and now blame it on Trump. They believe if they can keep the nation divided, they win. This tactic has worked very well throughout history. Muslim subversion of the country, further dividing us along religious differences, grew in every category under Obama’s protection. But, the complicit media will never mention that it was the Muslims who provided most of the slaves to America in the beginning.

Another tactic will be to challenge anything Trump does in a liberal court as was the case with Trump’s travel ban. Obama appointed enough federal judges to ensure an ample supply but the Democrats are still doing everything possible to delay Trump in filling vacancies on the federal bench. Though Trump might vanquish some foes, liberal federal judges can tie up everything he tries in litigation that could go on for months or years.

If they can keep Trump from achieving legislative success on the big three: repealing/replacing Obamacare, tax revision and immigration reform, they win again. In this regard, both sides must be held accountable. Looking at their behavior, could Sen. McConnell and Speaker Ryan really be covert leaders of the opposition? In eight months with party control of everything, Trump’s own party has refused to support him, so he turns to the Democrats to get something accomplished. What does that tell us?

Let’s not forget the “One Worlders” so favored by the Clintons, George Soros, et.al., who clearly understand that to create a new order you must first destroy the existing one. The continuing divisive lack of unity that is undermining our nation certainly aids their cause. They too lose if Trump’s “Make America Great Again” succeeds, and they just can’t let that happen. Financial gain and power for the select few has never had a more experienced foe than President Trump, who knows their world quite well.

Never in our history have we had a former president work so hard to undermine his successor. The anti-American interests of President Obama’s own political agenda continue to outweigh the existing interests and values of the country according to the last election. During his terms in office $20.1 billion in foreign aid one year went to Muslim nations that consistently voted against us the majority of time in the United Nations. Such assistance amounted to two/thirds of the total foreign aid budget that year. We can give billions every year to countries that hate us, but can’t fund affordable health care for Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions, or prompt and effective medical care for our veterans, or fix our crumbling infrastructure?

As reported in “Overthrow” by Matthew Vadum, published by The Freedom Center, while still in office in 2013, Obama created Organizing for Action, a tax-exempt cartel to influence political change. It got underway with a 20 million email list developed for his re-election campaign. As of 2014, Organizing for Action had 240 employees and 35,525 volunteers. At the end of 2014 they had taken in $40.4 million which was used for agenda advocacy and training thousands of young Americans in how to foster radical political change. It now has 250 field offices. Not to put all his efforts into one program, Obama with generous support from left-wing millionaires also created in 2014 the Barack Obama Foundation, which is another 501(c) organization also dedicated to perpetuating the Obama agenda to fundamentally transform America.

Our young future leaders are being carefully indoctrinated in left-wing ideology in almost every college and university in America by committed liberal anti-Trump professors who advocate radical activism and who hope his failure becomes proof of their ideology. As Hitler believed, control the thinking of the youth and you can control the country. These students not only vote, they become the teachers and professors of the next generation. Trump has indicated he’s not in favor of public service unions; well the NEA may be the biggest, most powerful union in the world. Let’s see how far his new secretary of education gets in trying to eliminate Common Core and promote voucher schools for the less privileged minorities. Guess which party will oppose these efforts?

Among the most dangerous enemies may well be those within the administration itself — the hundreds of tenured and appointed employees who fill the senior supervisory and operating positions in every department in government who have become traitors to this country by not only not supporting this presidency but actively opposing it.They too, realize that their lifetime tenure world is in jeopardy. How many in the White House staff are still secretly working to undermine his ability to keep his promises to those who elected him? Who was it that opined “you’ll never stop all the leaks”? Thanks to their efforts and the efforts of the other opposition previously cited, as Steve Bannon has stated, “The Trump presidency we voted for is over.” President Trump may never be allowed to do what he was elected to do.

Even a minimal understanding of history and basic human behavior should tell us that all forms of misbehavior, evil or sin are primarily enabled by a lack of opposition. As we look at the long-term continuing escalation of government incompetence (recently well illustrated by our aiding and abetting Iran in its pursuit of nuclear missile capability) the Republicans and Democrats have no-one to blame but themselves. For that matter, America will have no one to blame but itself if our children and grandchildren grow up in a socialist dictatorship, which is what will follow the collapse of our government if Trump does not succeed in saving America from itself.

Tom Osborne is a resident of Kalispell.

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