Election mailbag: Letters from our readers on the upcoming municipal elections

n Letters from our readers on the upcoming municipal elections

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Hileman picks up judge’s endorsement

For some 20 years it was my privilege to serve as a judge, first as a district judge in Flathead County, later as a federal magistrate judge for the District of Montana. Prior to that I practiced law before a diverse number of judges at all levels.

Based on that experience I believe that a good judge is one who listens carefully to both sides of a dispute, impartially determines the facts, applies the appropriate law, and promptly issues a well-reasoned decision.

Carole and I have known Bill Hileman since he first moved to Whitefish with his wife Susan. We have found him to be a thoughtful, careful and considerate person.

We believe he would be a good judge who would serve our community well. We urge his support for Whitefish municipal judge. —Bart Erickson, Whitefish

Waterman will focus on solutions

I am writing my heartfelt endorsement of Kyle Waterman for Kalispell Ward 3 City Council. Kyle truly embodies his platform of “Fair, Unique and Neighborly” and will make an excellent public servant for Ward 3. This is because he knows what service truly is. I have the pleasure of being in the Kalispell Daybreak Rotary club with Kyle. He lives the Rotary ideal of “Service Above Self” in all he does.

If Ward 3 is looking for a councilman who will complain about what is wrong, focus on who is to blame, and crow about who else ought to fix the problem — Kyle is not your guy.

If Ward 3 wants a man of action who see opportunity in adversity, listen carefully to all sides, and then take ownership of getting the problem solved, Kyle is who you want.

I have watched Kyle take birthday cakes to children in local youth homes who don’t have family to celebrate with them, pick up trash along the highway, swing a hammer and wield a paint brush to fix what needs to be fixed, all the while with the smile and great attitude that makes me glad to be his friend. In a time of much cynicism and finger pointing, Kyle is what a politician should be — a public servant. It’s just who he is. Kyle wants to serve Ward 3, and I cannot offer a more sincere endorsement of his candidacy. —Melissa Hulvat, Kalispell

Don’t split vote and re-elect incumbent

We need a new voice on the Kalispell City Council. I believe that voice is Karlene Osorio-Khor’s. Please consider voting for her.

The conspiratorial strategy that has worked to keep an incumbent in the City Council of Kalispell Ward 3 is to run three candidates, rather than two. That strategy automatically re-elects Jim Atkinson, the incumbent in this race. He has held a seat on the City Council for Kalispell’s Ward 3 for 29 years now — long enough.

Why don’t we have a race with two candidates? Always there is a spoiler. This time, it is a young fellow, Kyle Waterman, from Helena, Montana, whose mother was a long-time state Democratic senator. Mr. Waterman doesn’t have any experience in Kalispell city politics, topics, or specific problems. Representing Ward 3 at our City Council is serious work. Voting for someone without experience hurts us all and plays into the strategy of electing the 29-year incumbent —Jim Atkinson.

Karlene grew up here and attended Flathead High School. She has held offices in many of our local charity boards, non-profits, and been appointed by our mayors to Kalispell city committees and boards. The only agenda I can see Karlene has is her interest in doing her best for all of Kalispell’s residents. She has no ax to grind and is open, knowledgeable, and experienced. She has run before and lost by only a dozen votes. This is her time. She will work hard for all of us.

In times of intense growth, like now, we need people at the helm who know the city and its needs and have vast experience in many areas relevant to the council position. Karlene is ready to help Kalispell march forward into a better future. Vote for Karlene. —Lynne Bradley, Kalispell

Hileman is right choice

When I learned that William Hileman was throwing his hat into the ring for Whitefish municipal judge, I could not have been more delighted.

On more than one occasion I have called upon him — sometimes for legal advice, sometimes for big family business emergencies. No matter what the reason, he has always given me his time and professional guidance as if I was his only client. He made me feel my problem, and my need was the only issue he was working on.

As a judge, the people standing in front of you need to be heard. They need some degree of compassion, but with the firmness the law demands. Breaking the law isn’t always about punishment. It’s also about receiving your punishment with respect.

Bill Hileman is someone who can meet this challenge. He is a respected attorney, a parent and has been a part of the Whitefish community for over 40 years.

I have been a part of the health-care system in this valley for over 28 years. I believe Bill Hileman is a man we can trust to do a great job, and a man who will do the right thing. It is more important than ever that we elect persons with integrity. We need people that see the big picture and don’t use their position for personal gain.

I strong believe Bill Hileman is the city’s best choice for municipal judge. Let’s do the right thing for Whitefish, and elect Bill Hileman! —Kim Spicher, Whitefish

Osorio-Khor has done so much good

Karlene Osorio-Khor is running for City Council Ward 3 in Kalispell. Little has been discussed as to her civic contributions to our fair city. Most of us enjoy the Museum at Central School, and Karlene was instrumental in bringing this to reality. She served as the chairperson of the Save Central School committee and members included Henry Elwood, Delores Swanberg, Mary Harris, Rosalie Heinecke, and Lois Himsl to name a few. They worked hard under her leadership and succeeded in convincing Kalispell and the City Council to save the historic building and brought this museum to life to enrich our lives. She has served on school boards and has given of her time and monies to help programs quietly without any fanfare. As president of the Kalispell Soroptimists, she started a program to feed the hungry once a month supplying them with bags of needed items to take home. She also was the chairperson of the Conrad Mansion Dollhouse which can be seen at the Conrad Museum. It raised monies to supply needed scholarships for young women. It’s easy to forget Karlene’s community service because she has given so much of her time and efforts without tooting her own horn. I am happy to do so for her and urge voters to vote for Karlene. —James E. Mohn, Lakeside

Hileman great fit for judge

My wife Sue and I have known Bill Hileman for many years. We personally know him to be a good lawyer and, more importantly, we know him to be a quality person.

The most important things a judge can be are knowledgeable and fair. Bill is both. In addition, he has an attribute that intelligence and a good conscience can’t provide — common sense. Bill has it and it would be fundamental in his court decisions as it has been in his life in all the years he has lived with all of us here in the Whitefish community.

Bill has the essential qualifications and perfect temperament to be our Whitefish municipal judge. Sue and I strongly endorse him. —Bob Brown, Whitefish

Best candidate for judge

For the last 40 years we have had the pleasure of knowing William Hileman both socially and professionally.

We feel Bill has demonstrated outstanding leadership, support and investment in Whitefish. In return he has gained our respect and the respect of this community.

Based on his resume, character and integrity he is the strongest candidate for Whitefish city judge.

We, along with our children, support Bill Hileman! —Herb and Carole Peschel, Whitefish

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