Birds of a feather are taunted together

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A Marion woman, who fed birds in her neighborhood, was displeased that an outside cat was supposedly “taunting” the flock she had “cultivated.” She was advised by Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that there was no county ordinance regarding cats at large. The woman said she would attempt to talk to the owners of the frisky feline.

A Bigfork busybody allegedly told officers that a man living at a nursing home was harassing her and that “little girls” were sitting on his lap. While she had not witnessed any of the alleged claims, or where she heard them from, she said that “she just doesn’t like the old man hanging around her house and taking her cigarette butts.” She was advised to contact her landlord and the nursing home where the man lived and tell them of her concerns. She was then advised to call law enforcement if the man returned at her door or refused to leave.

Someone on Van Sant Road in Kalispell was suspicious after finding bald tires without rims, an oil spill and a broken chainsaw inside a broken bucket near their mailbox.

Someone on Bierney Creek Road in Lakeside spotted a utility truck allegedly flying down the road, running the person off the road.

A Lakeside parent told deputies that an unknown man has allegedly asked them if he could buy their child for $200,000 and then stalked them at the lake, grocery store and other locations.

A stolen golf cart was reported on Lakeside Boulevard in Lakeside.

A business manager on Farm to Market Road in Whitefish requested extra patrol around the school because there reportedly were too many people speeding when children were present.

A vehicle with no mufflers was seen driving up and down Second Avenue in Hungry Horse.

People were honking in attempts to get a reported 30 cows out of Marquardt Lane in Kalispell. The owners eventually arrived to corral the animals.

A later call came in about three cows spotted standing in Helena Flats Road.

Someone on Dodger Lane in Whitefish was allegedly “flipped off” twice by a driver who drove “really close” to them.

A property owner on Jensen Road in Columbia Falls attempted to extinguish a hay bale fire with a garage hose while law enforcement was contacted.

A Reserve Drive resident in Kalispell found a dead bat in her house and was given contact information for the Flathead City-County Health Department to have it tested for rabies. She was advised to refrigerate the bat in the instance she was unable to reach someone until arrangements could be made for testing.

A Kalispell woman wanted to give a statement about a man who allegedly was drunk and came after her. The man had reported threatened to kill. This was purportedly an ongoing problem.

A Whitefish man wanted to speak with a deputy, but refused to tell dispatchers why. The man allegedly told a deputy that an internet site was controlling his phone and computer when images of porn started being displayed while he was online. Ultimately, the man wanted contact information for the Federal Trade Commission and didn’t want to go online to find it.

Someone living in the area of Evergreen Drive in Kalispell was concerned that people reportedly were going to do drugs in a wooded area. The people were advised to move along.

An Oregon Street resident in Kalispell told officers a neighbor allegedly saw a man attempting to get into his truck when the alarm went off, but did not gain access.

Someone on Oregon Street in Kalispell reported a transient man had been camping out behind a semi-trailer in the trees and had a chair and a propane tank and was certain the property owners would want him moved along.

A flatbed truck was purportedly driving all over the road on Wolfpack Way in Kalispell.

A woman in her 40s may have been desperate to do some cleaning when Kalispell Police Department received a report that she allegedly stole a vacuum and other items then fled the scene in her vehicle.

Someone thought a man, possibly a transient, was casing their house and trespassing after he was allegedly seen pushing a bicycle and abandoning it before leaving the neighborhood on foot.

A store manager had video of two men reportedly distracting employees while someone ripped open a package and stole a cell phone.

A purported love triangle was separated with everyone “calmed down for the night,” after a man’s girlfriend’s former boyfriend had allegedly charged him while he was walking near her house.

A man must have known the “Pokemon” code —“gotta catch ’em all,” when he reported a small “pekachu,” a mixed breed dog, on the loose with its four-legged friend, a black lab mix, in a church parking lot.

Two Houdini German shepherds were seen hanging out at a gas station after their escape from a fenced yard. The reported escape artists had dug themselves out of the yard for the second time this week.

An employee reportedly was caught on video surveillance stealing from a store.

The caretaker of a property claimed he had a fire extinguished after initially calling to report smoke coming out of a hot and discolored wall of a powder coating shop.

One of two transients reportedly tried to grab someone, “kept going after women” and was yelling “I love you” at people while the other man was bumming a lighter from a passerby so he could smoke.

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