Posse of goats on the loose near Foys Lake

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Two callers reported to the Kalispell Police Department that several goats were on the loose near the Foys Lake turnoff.

A man hole cover was halfway off before an officer put it back in place.

A person called to report the neighbor playing loud music every night. She had spoke with the person several times, but it didn’t work. When an officer checked it out, he couldn’t hear anything.

A person with a construction company called because she believed gas station employees had stolen traffic cones to block people from parking in front of the dumpster.

A Whitefish man called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office because he believed a real estate agent girdled two of his trees.

A woman called because her daughter was afraid of a man she had dated and who was now stalking her. She said her daughter was 18 and the man was a 29-year-old ex-convict. The man then began to stalk her and she was concerned for the safety of her children. A deputy told her how she could apply for a temporary restraining order and how she could block the man’s phone number and social media accounts.

A phone store employee called to report an unhappy man threatened to rip his head off. He wanted his $50 returned, but the employees weren’t permitted to do it without a supervisor’s approval. Later, he got his money back and employees told him not to return.

A cat that was about to be euthanized bit a veterinary technician. The cat was not current on its shots.

A caller reported a fire near a campground. It turned out to be a small recreational fire and the homeowner extinguished it.

Someone reported that four kids in a green Volkswagen Passat were allegedly driving west on U.S. 2 were passing a liquor bottle around.

A woman called and said her brother had been stealing money from their parents for several months. A deputy gave her advice and she said her parents would call if they decided to press charges.

Someone reported a man lying on the side of the road. When he woke up, he told an officer he had done methamphetamine.

A caller said a man was riding a motorcycle on the trails on Spencer Mountain where only horses, hikers and bicyclists are allowed to be. The man said he had permission from the Forest Service to ride his bike there.

A 16-year-old female reported to the Columbia Falls Police Department that her mother kicked her out of her home and wouldn’t let her back in to get clothes because she was going to start school soon. Two officers responded to mediate the dispute.

A person reported a kid threw something at his truck and left a scratch.

A woman called the Whitefish Police Department and said her son was acting out and had threatened to throw a rock through the window. He later went to his dad’s house and did throw a rock, breaking a window.

A man was reportedly sleeping outside on the ground and the caller believed he was drunk. Before police officers arrived, he managed to get a ride.

A teenager sleeping in a gold car was reported because an employee thought it was odd.

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