Old dog rescued from muddy pond

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An animal control officer rescued a 15-year-old deaf, and almost blind, dog that fell in a pond and was 16 feet from shore. The officer walked out on a log then used a catch pole to pull the dog out of the muddy water and back to the safety of the shore.

A family reportedly refused to leave a restaurant on U.S. 2 in West Glacier, causing a scene over a dispute regarding a damaged table. The owner alleged they used a utensil to dig Epoxy out of a “knot hole” in the table supposedly because they were upset that they didn’t get huckleberries on their food.

A woman told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she believed there were squatters on Forest Service property and that a black van was located around the 6-mile marker on Blacktail Road.

A Marion man was advised to lock himself in his residence and call 911 if a man showed up who reportedly sent a text claiming he owed the man money and the man was on his way to take the money in the form of damaging his property.

Two youth were allegedly opening car doors and taking items out of vehicles in a church parking lot on Blacktail Road in Lakeside.

A blue sports car was reported driving recklessly on Batavia Lane in Kalispell after speeding and tailgating vehicles. The man calling in the report said he pulled into a location after the driver “had words” with him — supposedly claiming to be a sniper and that he “needed to watch his back.”

Someone allegedly kicked in the door of a Whitefish residence, ransacking it.

Someone spotted two cows near the road about 3 miles from Whitefish.

A man with a history of drugs and assault was reportedly arguing with staff on Idaho Street in Kalispell after he was asked to leave when several guests claimed he had attempted to sell drugs to them.

Power steering fluid was reported stolen from a store on U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

Someone on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls allegedly saw a younger kid driving a red sports car that came flying around the corner and spun out into a ditch then continued driving.

A Kalispell man reluctantly provided his name and phone number to dispatchers when he requested to speak to a deputy about his daughter’s “crazy boyfriend.” His questions were answered.

A pregnant woman was allegedly slammed on the floor, punched in the face and was bleeding from the mouth after being assaulted in a fight on Spotted bear Road in Martin City. The fight was allegedly over a roommate dispute and instigated by a woman — possibly the pregnant woman — who threw a rock at someone’s truck.

An alleged spat between a mother and daughter at a Fourth Avenue residence resulted in each being separated on opposite sides of the house, according to Columbia Falls Police Department.

Bunnies were reportedly left abandoned on someone’s property on U.S. 2.

A woman who has split up with her husband, reportedly threw his belongings on the lawn and wanted an officer on standby when he came to pick the items up because he purportedly “has not been nice in the past.”

A woman on 11th Avenue supposedly wanted to know what she needed to do “to shut people up,” after police had talked to her aunt about a yard decay ordinance.

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