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Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report a puppy had bitten her 11-year-old child. The caller didn’t want to pursue charges, but said it was an ongoing problem. The child wasn’t injured, but the dog was put into a home quarantine.

A caller reported two horses and a mule were on the loose near the Silver Bullet.

Someone reported a man had dropped his pants and went to the bathroom behind the house. The caller said the man was acting strangely and hovering between the home and the neighbor’s residence.

A woman called and was concerned that her husband was going to come over to pick up the kids and drive drunk. She said he had recently moved out, but had been at a bar.

Someone reported an illegal campfire at Lake Blaine. An officer investigated and found it was a legal propane stove.

A caller wanted a white pickup truck pulled over because she believed the driver was drunk.

A person reported a lot of shooting on Hilltop Road.

A man resetting his phone claimed that was the reason for his mistaken 911 call.

Someone reported a man with a huge gray beard playing guitar and begging customers for money outside a store. The person just wanted the man to move along because there wasn’t anything to see. When an officer arrived, the bearded man said he just wanted a few extra bucks.

A caller reported three horses had wandered on to his property. He didn’t know who they belonged to. The owner was later found and the horses were returned home.

A man fishing on Echo Lake said a boat continued to come within 10 feet of him and he said the man had to stay 100 feet away.

Someone reported a door was kicked in and the bathroom was trashed. There were no suspects.

A woman said the father of her children wouldn’t let her dad see them even after he had traveled from Vermont. However, there was a temporary restraining order against her.

A woman called because she was concerned that her ex-boyfriend was coming over to get his things after he was released from jail. She wanted an officer to be present when that occurred.

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