Hope he doesn’t live in a glass house

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Someone called the Kalispell Police Department about a “creepy” neighbor who lurked in the bushes and took photos. The other night he threw rocks at people.

A person called to report someone had defrauded her mother of $3,500 in an internet scheme.

Two people locked themselves inside a restroom at an area park despite a sign on the door that said the door shouldn’t be locked.

A woman reported that her cat brought a bat into the house and her husband killed it with a shoe. The cat is fine and up to date on its vaccines, but a veterinarian said to call animal control and report it.

A person who was hard of hearing said her grandchild got ahold of the phone and mistakenly made a 911 call.

A woman reported her 10-year-old white Calico cat named “Bella” missing.

A caller reported seeing someone pushing a grocery cart full of unbagged groceries and thought they were stolen. An officer was unable to find the suspect.

A man called from a casino to report seeing another man drop a pouch that ended up containing methamphetamine. The man returned to the business but couldn’t find drugs. The person who picked it up said he was going to turn it over to police, but forgot and wanted an officer to come get it. The officer booked the drugs into evidence for destruction. The man who dropped the container wasn’t identified.

A person reported hearing fireworks in the area, but when an officer checked, he learned that people were building a hot rod and when it started, it backfired.

A caller reported a blonde-haired woman in her late 20s wearing a purple tank top and black pants, who was accosting men in a bar. She eventually left, but continued to yell at the caller.

Vodka was at the heart of a disturbance between a man and a woman. A caller said the man hit her blind friend after they had been drinking. They were later separated for the night.

An erroneous 911 call was the result of a woman trying to make a credit card transaction on her phone.

A woman called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report a neighbor’s husky malamute mix named “Daisy” was sitting on her porch after it jumped her fence and killed two chickens.

A man called to report someone pointed a gun at him while he was traveling on Mountain Drive in Hungry Horse. The man reportedly was walking a German Shepherd at the time.

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