The wolf of Second Street

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A large animal was seen walking east on 2nd Street West. The caller believed it could be a wolf because it growled at her.

A woman with a warrant for her arrest was taken to the hospital after she reported feeling dizzy and faint due to a previously suffered concussion. She was arrested after her mother called the Kalispell Police Department to report having problems with her.

A person reported someone keyed their vehicle while it was parked in a lot.

A caller said his neighbor was drinking and he knows he is not supposed to be. He believes he may have been physical with the kids.

A woman called to report her purse and bag were stolen from her car while she was at work. She thought the vehicle was locked, but it turned out to be open.

A rewiring job got a stalled tractor trailer back on the move after it had blocked traffic.

Someone found a debit card in an ATM machine. The person turned it over to an officer who gave it to a bank employee to take care of it.

A man called to report he had just watched his longtime girlfriend using a glass pipe on a surveillance camera inside the home where they both live. He believes she is using meth. Their children have been living elsewhere because he is concerned about her strange behavior. She does not know about the video camera. An officer advised the man on how to handle the situation.

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report a 49-year-old man who had accidentally shot himself in the face with bear spray. He had started to wheeze.

A store manager was concerned that a recently fired employee might ambush other workers when they leave.

The sister of an employee at a store said after an adult man bought alcohol, he gave it to some minors. None of the other employees saw what had happened.

A tractor trailer driver reported an erratic driver nearly hit the back of his truck. He described it as a small silver Jeep.

A caller reported to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office that his neighbors were pointing a BB gun and firing at his home at about 8 p.m. He was concerned because his dogs could have been hit.

A man reported a full-size sport utility vehicle was driving around the neighborhood checking mailboxes.

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