Nail appointment takes priority over parking

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Someone reported to the Whitefish Police Department an elderly woman from California had driven into a stop sign and was parked “cockeyed” in the library lot. The caller said her driving was scary and didn’t think she should be behind the wheel. The woman then reportedly wobbled into a nail salon. An officer spoke to her about her driving and the woman said she would call for a ride if she felt it was necessary.

A person reported having a .43 caliber Glock handgun stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

A woman who took her children to the park called about others in the skate park who are playing offensive music with swear words. An officer got the older kids to turn the music down.

A man called the Kalispell Police Department after his neighbors complained to him about the curbs not being painted yellow and because there are parking issues in the area.

Police helped return a 7-year-old boy to his mother after he ran away from day care. It wasn’t clear if something had happened.

Someone reported a person stole a hot dog and left the scene of the crime in a red Honda Civic. He wanted to pursue theft charges against the customer and has video footage of the incident.

Another caller wanted to file a theft charge against his mother for stealing his computer. She did, however, leave a note for him stating she took his computer. She eventually returned the device to her son and he was happy.

A 17-year-old female called to report she had been working “under the table” for a painting company. She showed at the boss’s home and she couldn’t get ahold of him and he owed her $500.

A person reported a camper in a parking lot for nearly a week that was leaking sewage. The caller said there was a woman living in the camper. When an officer investigated, he didn’t find the camper occupied and the caller was going to get a tow company to remove it.

Someone reported seeing a bicyclist wearing a red tank top open a window and crawl inside a house. An investigating officer determined the man was renting the apartment.

A woman was served with two temporary restraining orders.

A caller said there was a man back in town that had outstanding warrants for his arrest. He saw the man had posted a photo on social media eating at a restaurant. When an officer arrived at the eatery, it was closed.

A female driver called to report running out of gas. The woman was put on hold for an emergency call and when dispatch called back, she had made it to a restaurant where she was able to pull over. An officer helped her get gas and she made it home safely.

A caller said two teenagers rang the door bell and ran away when her husband answered the door. The husband drove around trying to find them and an officer did as well, but neither had any luck.

A woman reported her husband had texted her. She has filed for a temporary restraining order, but it hadn’t been issued yet and she wanted to file another report.

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department to ask if it was OK to fire a model rocket at the junior high school football field. An officer told him not to do it.

A caller said there was a bear in Clare Park. It did leave before causing any obvious mayhem.

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