He just wants to be friends!

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Someone called the Kalispell Police Department to report a pink pig roaming the street. The pig was friendly and stayed with the caller.

A caller reported a man in a blue and white truck that he believed was operating a methamphetamine lab. He thought it was suspicious that the man parked in the cul-de-sac and walked to the house.

A store employee reported a man stole a 30-pack of Budweiser.

Someone reported a man was taking photos of women as they exited a store. He was driving a older Dodge Durango with black rims.

A person reported having a safe with $1,000 in it stolen from an unlocked home. The caller said the suspect may have been a the brother of his girlfriend who had gotten out of jail and stayed with them.

An errant 911 call turned out to be a man’s dog who stepped on his phone while it was sitting in his car.

A woman reported a man picked her friend up and threw her, resulting in a large knot on the back of her head.

A person who owns a rental unit said the renter had several cats locked up in trailers in the backyard and some in the garage.

A physical fight between two dogs led to a verbal altercation between their owners, according to the Whitefish Police Department. The owner of the instigating dog was cited.

A caller reported a shirtless man lying in a grassy area near the side of the middle school.

A wayward bat that a homeowner had claimed was attacking his children was soon captured and released.

A parent reported someone punctured the kids’ pool. He believes it was someone that he was in an altercation with at the VFW.

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and reported a man from Marion shot his dogs because he thought they were getting into his chicken coop. The caller took one of the dogs to the veterinarian but wasn’t sure where the other one was and believed it was still on the man’s property. Animal control was going to investigate the incident.

Winston, the Kila bulldog was on the loose again and the neighbor wanted him out. He was taken back and his humans were warned of the dog ordinance.

A man reported that his neighbor had put a privacy fence up and drilled long screws through it, which stuck out on his side and created a hazard.

A man was bit by a dog after he tried to break up a fight between two canines in a park in Bigfork. The victim intended to press charges against the owner of the dog.

A person called to report thefts from his storage unit the last two nights. He had only rented it three days ago.

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