How now, brown cow?

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A caller to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office reported a brown cow on the move on Edgewood Drive in Whitefish.

A woman called to report a badger that had taken up residence on her property. She was directed to contact Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. She wanted to know if there are any regulations against trapping it.

A man called to report his wife’s handgun had disappeared. He said she was jogging and always carries the gun. When she returned home from her most recent run, the gun was gone. They searched the area she runs and couldn’t find it.

A caller wanted to report a person posting inappropriate photos of her 18-year-old daughter online.

A man scared off by a black bear while huckleberry picking went back to his truck and called 911 when his picking buddy failed to show up after 3 1/2 hours. The other man eventually showed up back at the truck.

A person called to report their tuba missing.

A caller from the Bigfork area complained about dirt bikes and four-wheelers tearing up his driveway. He was upset because this has been going on for several years and he’s complained several times and the county hasn’t done anything about it.

A person called to report finding a hairless dog near her house. She said it appeared to be blind and deaf. The owner of the animal soon showed up.

A business owner called the Kalispell Police Department to report a beat-up truck and camper parked on the property. The truck driver didn’t realize he was on private property and moved the rig.

A person who mistakenly called 911 said he was trying to shut the phone off and held the button down too long, forcing the phone to make the call.

A person called to report the theft of a handgun and $1,350 from his truck. Apparently, the windows of the truck were down, allowing for easier access.

A caller reported being threatened by a woman brandishing a butter knife.

A person reported hearing yelling the previous night and when she woke up the next morning she discovered someone had pulled up some of the grass near the sidewalk and street. In addition, a pair of shorts, belt and shoes were left on the street.

A man called to report his lawnmower was on fire. Another man arrived with a fire extinguisher and after some anxious moments, put the fire out.

A person called the Columbia Falls Police Department to request extra patrol near the Lutheran church on 7th Street because someone has been tipping over and tampering with the swing set in the playground area.

A caller reported a bad smell from a burn barrel. An officer requested the person put the fire out.

A person said a former housemate has taken items belonging to her and put them on eBay.

A woman called the Whitefish Police Department to report people were setting off fireworks and they were either going to set her cabin on fire or give her a heart attack.

A caller reported driving down a one-way street next to the beach and ended up trapped in a large crowd of people.

A person was reviewing surveillance footage when he discovered a man stealing an item.

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