Kitties kidnapped in break-in

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According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, a man claimed his estranged wife broke into his residence and stole his felines.

A woman said her neighbors were shining flashlights and laser beams at her.

A Libby resident got a call from someone claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service wanting money immediately. Dispatch told the resident it was a scam and not to give them money.

An internet message informed a man he had won a large amount of money. The man sent $400 to claim his winnings, but instead of getting his prize, he just got a request for more money.

A man said he went to take care of business and forgot to lock his trailer door. When he returned, his door was open and the lights were on. He said he didn’t see anything missing, but things were moved around.

Someone threatened a water meter reader and wouldn’t let him read the meter.

A scammer pretended to be an attorney. He told a woman he needed $4,000 to get her nephew out of jail.

A tool shed was broken into and cleaned out.

Branches fell onto a power pole, reportedly causing a fire at a park and a power outage.

A caller said a truck pulled into a trailer park. The driver turned off the lights and was just sitting there.

According to the Kalispell Police Department, a woman said a dog was running around, and she followed it to a house with an open front door. She said the dog went inside and she pulled the door shut. But then she got worried whether or not the dog actually belonged in there.

A resident involved in a remodel was afraid a man and a woman in a van were casing the place.

A dog got out of the yard and attacked a dog being walked.

A transient was trying to set up camp in the front entry of a building.

A woman said the hill by Woodland Park was extremely icy.

A man said their was a woman with warrants staying in a motel, but he didn’t know what room she was staying in.

A man was reportedly standing at a glass door taking pictures and staring at a girl working behind the desk. The boss chased him off, but asked for extra patrol.

A man was worried about his son that got kicked out of the bar. He said he didn’t know where his son went.

A man said a registered sex offender kept his status secret from his mom and the rest of the family, and the offender was at a hotel room with his mother and three small children.

A woman said something was thrown at her window.

A transit bus broke down, causing a traffic hazard.

An employee said a toddler was walking the halls with no parents around.

An argumentative woman told an officer he was what was wrong with the criminal justice system because she didn’t like what the officer had to say about a road rage incident.

A crash notification from vehicle was accidentally activated.

A vehicle was high centered on a snow berm.

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