Ghosts suspected of cooking up a storm

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According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, clanging noises were coming from a neighbor’s house, but the caller said she didn’t think her neighbor was home.

A man said someone shot his TVs.

A woman asked a fireman to come over to her house because their was a power pole that was smoking.

Parents spoke with an officer about their daughter reportedly being assaulted by another student at school.

A motel owner called to have a woman removed from a room.

A man was arrested after he allegedly told police he needed to be arrested for spousal abuse that was going to happen in the next 24 hours.

A manhole cover was off in the middle of an intersection. A woman tried to fix it but it was too heavy.

A hotel employee said a man who wasn’t a guest came into the lobby and started eating and drinking. He reportedly became confrontational when he was asked to leave.

A snow plow caused a berm that was blocking in residents at an apartment complex.

Auto parts were stolen from a vehicle in the parking lot of an auto shop.

According to the Kalispell Police Department, a mother called to report her daughter’s diamond ring had been stolen by her daughter’s boyfriend.

A parent was worried their daughter didn’t get home from school at the regular time. She didn’t have a cellphone and wasn’t at the school’s basketball game. The child showed up at home later in the evening.

A Buick owner said her car broke down in a parking lot and she would have it moved in the morning.

A vehicle was siting in a parking lot with the lights on and the windows fogged up. Law enforcement made contact with the four occupants in the vehicle who were just hanging out.

A caller thought a man who got his Subaru stuck in the alley may have been intoxicated.

People staying in a motel room said they witnessed someone breaking into another motel room.

A group of teenagers were digging a vehicle out a snowbank. A witness said the car got stuck because the driver was speeding

Someone spotted a woman who looked similar to a person who has been in the news for setting fires to rest areas in Montana.

A woman said she was being harassed by her ex who didn’t want to exchange their child if the woman’s fiance was around.

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