Hair straightener used in father-daughter tangle

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According to the Kalispell Police Department, officers responding to a physical disturbance decided that no crime was committed, it was just a “16-year-old daughter throwing a tantrum.” The disturbance reportedly started when a father asked his daughter where her money was going and the daughter “freaked out and caused a scene.” The daughter became physical with the dad at one point, reportedly hitting him with a curling iron/straightener. The incident reportedly escalated when the man’s ex got involved. The man said he wanted the ex trespassed from the residence.

The manager at a fast food restaurant said they got three prank calls from someone saying they stole mops, but the manager said they weren’t missing any mops. The manager asked law enforcement to get the pranksters to stop because it was preventing the employees from doing their tasks. Police left a voicemail for the prankster telling them to cease the calls.

A woman locked herself in the closet with a pair of scissors because she thought someone was in her apartment, Her boyfriend arrived to check it out and didn’t find anyone inside.

A woman hit a building and drove off.

Two businesses reported receiving neo-nazi fliers in the mail drop.

A caller said a stray cat in the area was possibly sick and being a nuisance. The caller said they didn’t want to touch the cat to take it to the shelter.

Three dogs were seen running down U.S. 93.

A caretaker wanted to report suspicious calls being at their client’s home.

Police responded to suspicious activity involving two men and a women cutting the exhaust pipe off a van in a grocery store parking lot and allegedly found a stolen gun.

A man said his neighbor almost hit him while he was working on his car. The man said he was nearly hit again when he went to confront his neighbor. The reporting party told officers “I’m going to kick his [butt] so I wanted this reported.” Officers left a voicemail in an attempt to get the neighbor’s side of the story.

Someone requested to talk to an officer about noises their neighbors made several days ago.

A passerby noticed someone trying to get their vehicle unstuck from a ditch.

A woman said her brother put her mother into a nursing home and wouldn’t tell her where she was.

According to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, a woman said a man took pictures of her and sent them to other people. She said this happens when she is drinking and she thinks the man was drugging her.

The driver of a Chevy with Idaho plates passed a vehicle on a double yellow line.

A horse got it’s leg caught up in a blanket it was wearing.

Someone was spotted smoking a pipe in a store parking lot.

A teenage girl reportedly got on the school bus but did not attend her classes.

A mom said her daughter was being stalked on Facebook by another mom and her child.

Kids were reportedly swinging a bat at mailboxes. The caller said their neighbor’s mailbox was destroyed.

A driver was threatened with a weapon when he came across some poachers.

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