Upset customer warns others of food poisoning

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According to the Columbia Falls Police Department, a woman was reportedly upset about a food order she received and was yelling at employees and telling other customers to stay away or they would get food poisoning.

A man thought his vehicle was stolen from his parking spot, but he said his vehicle wasn’t running. He later decided his landlord probably had it towed.

According to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department, a man reportedly pretended to be sleeping in his truck when police followed up to a possible break-in at a business. The man was in a uniform and said he was doing work on the building but couldn’t explain to law enforcement why he was at the business at 1 in the morning. Police determined the man had been drinking, and called his wife to pick him up. They told the business staff to call back if they believed a crime had occurred.

Dispatchers called back to a 911 hang-up, and the caller hung up on them. Then a man answered and told them everything was OK and he was “mad at his phone.”

People who reportedly left a camper on a man’s property for a year returned to claim it.

A man checking on a friend found his friend’s house had been robbed.

A woman was afraid a family member took her missing hydrocodone pills.

Someone tried to cash checks that were taken from a mailbox.

A man asked painters to leave before dark, but the painters said they only had five more minutes of work to do and they wanted to get paid. The painters later agreed to come back in the morning.

The driver of a Jeep with Florida license plates reportedly ran a stop sign and got stuck in a snowbank.

A Bigfork resident said they heard gunshots in the neighborhood.

A steer walking down the road was later contained.

According to the Whitefish Police Department, a real estate agent said someone moved signs from her listed properties and moved them to different unlisted properties.

A woman said she discovered her shed had been broken into and she thought her ex-boyfriend did it.

According to the Kalispell Police Department, a woman said “very bad people” she was trying to help had stolen property out of her house.

A woman wanted to press charges against someone for punching holes in her walls.

A new home owner said the previous home owner was accusing her of stealing things from the house, but she said there were no such items at the house.

A police officer from out of state called about online posts that were being made concerning which schools made a “good shooting range.” The post reportedly said the local school was “not a good shooting range.”

An unruly male was removed from a motel after he reportedly made threats against an employee and guests.

A caller had questions about heavy machinery moving snow and causing noise pollution.

A woman’s wallet was found behind the toilet in a fast food restaurant bathroom.

A dead horse was laying in a pasture with a blanket over it.

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