Mysterious red lights in sky over Whitefish

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According to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, someone in Whitefish said they were seeing slow moving red lights rising up from the southwest and moving toward the southeast. The caller said the lights didn’t appear to be coming from a plane. The caller was curious if law enforcement knew anything about this phenomenon.

A woman said her husband just assaulted her and her son in a heated argument that involved her pulling her husband’s ponytail, her husband slapping her and grabbing her son’s ponytail. The caller believed her husband was suffering from a hangover.

A man was arrested after a caller said they had to escape to the bathroom to call 911 to report a man who refused to leave a home and was acting crazy.

An out-of-state caller said they invited a friend who lives in Flathead Valley to spend Christmas with them, but they hadn’t heard back from him and wanted to make sure he was OK.

A snowboard was missing from a lodge in Whitefish.

A caller admitted it wasn’t an emergency, but said they were “reeaalllly sick of” a pickup that was sitting on the road for hours blocking traffic.

A man was found passed out drunk in a laundry room.

Dispatchers could hear people screaming over the phone at each other as they called police. When law enforcement met with the caller, they found family members in an argument. They all agreed to get along for the rest of the night.

A man in his twenties was reportedly locked out of the house after threatening several of his family members.

According to the Columbia Falls Police Department, a driver allegedly hit a store employee with their driver-side mirror and broke the mirror. The store employee who was hit with the mirror said he didn’t want medical attention, but he told police the driver and passenger left without paying for at least $300 worth of groceries.

A woman wanted to make a complaint against a “malicious” snow plow driver. She wanted an officer to respond and arrest the man.

Someone reportedly took a disabled man to the bank and had him take out $7,500. The man’s son said he wasn’t sure who took his father to the bank and was worried he might have been tricked into withdrawing the money.

A woman was yelling at someone as dispatch answered a call. She told dispatch her boyfriend broke her car keys. She didn’t want police to respond.

A caller said someone broke the windshield out of his vehicle and he had two flat tires.

A case of lost and found was reported when a resident advised police a breathalyzer was left at her home. She said someone was arrested from her home the previous night and an officer had left it. The item was reportedly collected.

According to the Whitefish Police Department, two people decided to trade trucks, but one of them wrecked their truck afterward and then took the truck back they had traded.

A car almost hit a man’s daughter. The driver then slammed on the brakes and started yelling profanities at the man’s wife.

Two people on snowmobiles were riding through a neighborhood and a resident’s yard.

The north side of the viaduct was reported to be very icy.

A woman was called in as being unruly in a bar. When police arrived she was no longer there.

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