Firefighters extinguish flaming outhouse

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The Smith Valley Fire Department put out flames at a fully-engulfed outhouse at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning near Ashley Lake Road.

According to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, a mother believed her teenage son was smoking pot in the bathroom.

A shoplifter was reportedly putting clothes on underneath her clothes in the dressing room.

A caller wanted to know whether it was legal if someone shoved him around. The caller was reportedly unsatisfied with the answer, gave attitude and hung up.

A student’s car was keyed while they were at school.

A man who had to dial 9 and 1 to make a call accidentally called 911.

A person trying to call Germany accidentally dialed 911.

The parents of two junior high school students who got into a fight wanted to press charges.

A woman said her snow tires were stolen and she knew who took them. When law enforcement contacted the suspect, he said the woman had given them to a teenager who worked on her property. He said he realized she had a “change of heart” and would be returning the tires.

Dispatch returned a hang-up call and made contact with a teen who reported she had called 911 because her brother locked her out of the house.

A woman said she was receiving threatening texts from her son’s father’s ex-girlfriend.

According to the Whitefish Police Department, a caller was worried that ice and snow wasn’t being shoveled and the entrance to a building was being blocked for elderly and handicap people.

A woman’s boyfriend reportedly locked her out of the house and threw her belongings outside.

A man’s life was allegedly threatened by another male at an athletic club. The man who was threatened said he wanted to file a restraining order.

A man was counseled by law enforcement after he allegedly shoveled snow onto his neighbor’s sidewalk and under their vehicle.

Someone allegedly opened up a person’s car door while he was parked at a gas station and started hitting him.

A note was put on a vehicle that it had to be moved, but the vehicle’s owner was out of town. The vehicle owner’s friend was worried she wouldn’t be able to move it in time.

According to the Columbia Falls Police Department, a vehicle was blocking a fire hydrant.

An arrangement to trade vehicles went bad when the parties had a disagreement over swapping the titles. One of the vehicle owners allegedly threatened the other, saying he would beat the other man up and make it so they “can never talk again.”

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