Don’t worry, it was all just a dream

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According to the Kalispell Police Department, a caller from New York said she was concerned about her brothers mental state because he told her he went jogging and the president came to visit him. When police talked to her brother, they said he seemed fine and alert. The brother told them he had a dream the president brought him flowers, and his sister must not have heard the “dream” part.

A caller said they witnessed a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle. The man who was hit claimed his ex-girlfriend was the suspect.

When police found the woman, the man said he didn’t want to press charges, he just wanted his personal property back from her.

A man was reportedly pushed and hit in the face in Kalispell. The man said he had dated the suspect’s mother a few years ago and had cheated on her, and that was why he got hit.

According to the Whitefish Police Department, a caller reported ongoing speeders in the area. The caller said the speeders are mostly drunks, but some are drug runners, and the only way to stop them is to lay down in the street.

A manager of a Whitefish Hotel said their was a verbal disturbance happening in a room and the guest was refusing to come to the door. Police checked it out and found a man having a loud argument on the phone.

According to the Columbia Falls Police Department, a caller said her teenage daughter was throwing things and hitting herself and she didn’t want to be around her.

According to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, an Evergreen resident said there was a female claiming to be a girl scout who was collecting money for the boy scouts, but it was a bogus attempt.

A man reportedly came to a business and with a gun and threatened to harm himself if he did not get more pain pills.

A tenant said they were concerned their landlord hadn’t provided proper emergency access routes in case of a structure fire.

Multiple locations in Bigfork have been tagged with obscene images. Multiple residents requested extra patrol especially during night time hours.

A woman said there was about $2,500 taken from her bank account and she thought her grandson took it, but her relatives wanted her to drop the charges.

An employee saw someone throwing out needles into the road on the sidewalk.

A caller said a wallet was sent to his address, but the wallet didn’t belong to him. He said he would drop it off at the sheriff’s office.

A man said he his girlfriend took his cat, bedding and his medical marijuana.

According to the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, a woman called t 1:30 a.m. to say her neighbor’s music was so loud it woke her up.

A caller from Libby advised police a shoplifter had taken off on foot followed by several employees hot on pursuit.

A man said someone tried to break into his home, but he yelled at them and they left.

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