Nude photos used as blackmail

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A caller told the Whitefish Police Department that she was being threatened via text and Facebook with the release of nude photos. Police contacted the threat-maker and instructed the suspect to delete photos of the caller and cease contact.

A woman said she was nearly hit by a truck at a Baker Avenue crosswalk, and that her dog was struck on the rear. She declined assistance from the dispatcher, saying she just wanted them to be aware of the crazy drivers out there.

An open window and alarm sounding in a Somers Avenue home prompted an observer to call 911. It turned out to be a fire alarm, and that the homeowner was trying to air out the house. The alarm was turned off.

A cyclist catcalling young girls was counseled on his behavior.

A deer with a broken leg was reportedly lying in the middle of Park Knoll Lane. The caller got it to move to the side, then thought it needed to be shot, but it jumped up and ran away.

Two callers complained about a deer on West 18th Street in Whitefish. Police were unable to locate it.

A man who was allegedly trying to force his way into his child’s house and loudly arguing with a woman on the front porch was Tasered and taken to the hospital.

A woman at a private party took a plate of hot food and intentionally knocked it onto a security guard. She was counseled on her behavior.

A black bear got into a Whitefish resident’s garbage and knocked over all the cans. By the time police arrived, it had gone to a wooded area on Wisconsin Avenue.

The Kalispell Police Department responded to two separate hit-and-runs reported on North Main Street and Hutton Ranch Road.

A Sweet Peaks employee said a transient male had been writing profanity on the whiteboard and making a mess in the bathroom, but that he had been polite otherwise and “might not be all there.” He moved along.

A property manager called to report a man urinating on the premises.

An older man reportedly lurking in the bushes prompted a house to go on lockdown. Officers were unable to locate him.

A man at a bar, swearing and refusing to leave, was calmed down and moved along.

Someone grabbed a man by the hair and allegedly attempted to mug him. The victim declined medical help.

A fight reportedly broke out in the parking lot of a bar. Participants had left by the time officers arrived. Witnesses said it was only verbal.

A caller reported individuals going through an abandoned house, throwing items into a truck that “looks like something out of ‘Mad Max.’” They explained that the roof had collapsed in the winter and that they had been doing that work for a while, and that there was nothing of value in the house.

The Whitefish Fire Department responded to a gas odor on Mountainside Drive. They also responded to a burnpile/recreational fire.

The Evergreen Fire Department responded to a power lines emergency on Helena Flats Road.

The Smith Valley Fire Department handled a grass/brush/wildland fire on U.S. 2 West in Kalispell.

The Creston Fire Department investigated smoke in Columbia Falls, and responded to a chimney fire in Kalispell.

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