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The Daily Inter Lake  or:  The Daily Inter Lake
727 East Idaho                 PO BOX 7610
Kalispell MT 59901           Kalispell MT 59904

Ph: 406-755-7000

Business Hours:
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 am to 5pm
Publisher Rick Weaver rvweaver@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4444
Main Phone Number
Front Desk/Switchboard:       406-755-7000
FAX Numbers:
General:     406-752-6114
News     406-758-4481
Valleywide Classified:   classifieds@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4488
Classified Supervisor: Kristy Geisler kgeisler@dailyinterlake.com   406-758-4410
Classifieds Sales Rep: Sunny Miller smiller@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4465  
Classifieds Sales Rep: Britanni Danielson bdanielson@dailyinterlake.co 406-758-4466
Circulation Customer Service:   circ@dailyinterlake.com 406-755-7018
Circulation Director: Brant Horn bhorn@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4490
Office Manager: Carrie Clevenger cclevenger@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4427
Home Delivery Manager: Mike Fugina mfugina@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4452
News Room

Managing Editor:

Frank Miele edit@dailyinterlake.com


News Editor: Scott Crandell newsed@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4430
Features Editor: Lynnette Hintze lhintze@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4421
Community Editor: Carol Marino community@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4440
Newsroom Assistant: Patti Johnson pjohnson@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4433
Reporter: Sam Wilson swilson@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4407
Reporter: Ryan Murray rmurray@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4436
This Week in Flathead/Entertainment Stefanie Johnson sjohnson@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4439
Reporter: Hilary Matheson hmatheson@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4431
Special Sections Editor: Stephanie Daugherty sdaugherty@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4474
Sports Editor: David Lesnick dlesnick@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4426
Sports Reporter: Sam Campbell scampbell@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4446
Sports Reporter: Joe Terry jterry@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4463
Photographer: Brenda Ahearn bahearn@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4435
Photographer: Aaric Bryan abryan@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4449 
Business Journal News: Lynnette Hintze lhintze@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4421
Obituaries:   records@dailyinterlake.com


Birth Announcements:   records@dailyinterlake.com  
Flathead Business Journal Advertising:     406-758-4414   
Submit Letters to the Editor
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: The Daily Inter Lake welcomes letters to the editor from its readers on subjects of general interest. Letters may be submitted for consideration to the Daily Inter Lake by email at edit@dailyinterlake.com, by mail at PO BOX 7610, Kalispell, MT 59901 or by clicking here. Letters should be kept to 300 words or less, and must include the author's name, address and telephone number for verification purposes. Only the name and hometown will be published. Not all letters will be printed. Letters that engage in profanity, name-calling or address narrow personal interests will be rejected. The Daily Inter Lake reserves the right to edit letters for brevity and clarity.
Business Office:
Business Manager: Dorothy Glencross dorothyg@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4450
Asst. Business Manager: Richelle Rooney rrooney@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4468
Accounts Receivable Lisa Fleming lisaf@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4420
Accounts Payable: Teresa Cargill tcargill@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4404
Classified/Legal Accounts: Tiara Alkire talkire@dailyinterlake.com


Director of Advertising: Kristi Geisler kgeisler@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4410
Advertising Administrator: Whitney Spencer wspencer@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4425
Inside Advertising Representative: Karen Baker kbaker@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4512
Inside Advertising Representative: Connie McCubbins cmccubbins@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4422
Inside Advertising Representative: Lauren Miller lmiller@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4482
Legal Advertising: Tiara Alkire talkire@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4520
Multi Media Advertising Rep: Kara Krause kkrause@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4418
Multi Media Advertising Rep: Karissa Loehr kloehr@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4416
Multi Media Advertising Rep: Craig Christopherson craigc@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4415
Marketing Director: Laura Taylor ltaylor@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4501
Production Manager: Ken Varga kvarga@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4461
Graphic Artist: Brenda Ritter critter@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4469
Graphic Artist: Lisa Reid lreid@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4413
Graphic Artist: Kim Varga realest@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4508
Graphic Artist: Juli Hindahl jhindahl@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4469
Assistant Production Manager Anna Mahlen amahlen@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4495
Graphic Artist:  Shane Svee composing@hungryhorsenews.com 406-758-4492
Graphic Artist (Flathead Publishing Group): Anna Mahlen amahlen@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4495
Graphic Artist (Lake County Leader): Kurt Hannah khannah@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4458
Graphic Artist: Kristen Anderson kanderson@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4412
Digital Media:
Hagadone Digital Manager: Brian Doane bdoane@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4471
Webmaster: Ken Varga webmaster@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4461
Web/Graphic Artist: Jessica Tafoya jtafoya@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4445
IT: Rob Sojberg computers@dailyinterlake.com 406-758-4493

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