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Business owners build business plans, but many don't realize just how critical it is to have a solid marketing plan. A good marketing plan will serve as a road map for your success. 

marketing plan should be an actionable and measurable plan and should yield a nice return on investment if done correctly. Marketing plans don't need to be complex multi-page documents – keep it simple and focused,  and you'll be well on your way to success!

Here's a closer look at the five tenets of a good marketing plan that works:

STEP 1. Start with a reflection of who you are as a business – your identity or brand.

This is your elevator pitch, what sets you apart among your competitors. It's the answer to the question: what products and/or services do you offer and what makes you different? 

No matter what you sell, people shop with you for a reason. Think about that; ask your best customers why they do business with you. Ask them why they'd fire you or, better yet, ask lost customers why they chose someone else. It's about humility here, about understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Why are you the best value? (Hint, it's not about price.) Don't know where to start? Do a Google search for SWOT analysis and spend an hour doing self-reflection. You'll learn a lot. Take notes.

STEP 2. Identify your “ideal” customers and what they buy.

Let's start with this – EVERYONE is not a potential client unless you're one of those big box department stores, and if you were you wouldn't be reading this. You need to be thinking about your best customers, the ones that spend the most time (and money) buying your goods and services. If you could clone them, what would they look like?

Where to start? Observe. Ask questions. Check the parking lot. You could learn a whole lot by seeing what your best customers do in their free time… Are they soccer moms? Do they drive an expensive SUV? Do they come in more than once a month, twice? How much do they spend each time? What do they buy? How far will they drive to buy your stuff? There are lots of things you can learn about your clients. All these little nuggets can help you build an effective marketing plan by targeting the right people with your message.

STEP 3. What are your business goals through marketing?

It's simple. What are you trying to accomplish here? More in-store traffic? Web site visitors? Awareness? Seven more clients per week? Whatever it is, be realistic and quantify. Prioritize these goals and hold your marketing accountable. Think about how you'll measure. Be sure you know your current status (current web traffic, customer flow, etc.) before you finalize goals.

STEP 4. Align your strategies, tactics and messaging with your goals and audience.

This is the hard part, but the core to your success and business growth. Is your current “media of choice” targeting the right people with the right message at the right time? Do you know the demographics of the radio listeners, newspaper readers or TV viewers? Do they closely mirror the personas of your ideal customer or are you using the “spray and pray” approach? What do your customers do online? Consumers are using more sources than ever to research and buy – are you where they are? Is your messaging appropriate for the audience you're in front of?

STEP 5. Budget for success and watch your investment.

If you're still thinking of marketing and advertising as an expense, you're wrong. Most successful businesses INVEST a percentage of their annual sales to marketing and advertising. As with any investment, you should expect a return. If you have a small budget, begin with one or two tactics and goals. Just like with the stock market or that hour in the gym each morning, results don't happen overnight. Be patient, track your results, optimize your campaigns. When you see success, increase your investment and try more advanced tactics. Enjoy your success!


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