Letters published on Oct. 1, 2017

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In Ward 3, vote for Osorio-Khor

Kalispell’s Ward 3 has a good thing going; the voters there are not afraid to elect a woman. In the past, Ward 3 voters have elected not only Norma Happ but also Pam Kennedy Carbonari as their City Council representative and mayor.

It’s time for Ward 3 to send another woman to the council chambers.

Karlene Osorio-Khor is unlike either of the other candidates running for that Ward. Jim Atkinson is a professional politician who has sat for 29 years on the City Council. Kyle Waterman is a newcomer to Kalispell with little experience or history concerning the problems and concerns of Ward 3 voters. Let’s not elect the incumbent, and let’s not allow a newcomer to split the vote to ensure the incumbent’s election. Let’s vote for the woman on the ballot.

Karlene is a Flathead High School graduate and an alum of Gonzaga University. She has provided leadership to many service and nonprofit organizations in Kalispell over the years. She holds the distinction of appointments by two different mayors to two different city boards — the Kalispell Planning Board and the Kalispell Impact Fee Committee. Karlene has done her homework.

She is a woman who listens and gets things done. She understands Ward 3 because it’s been her home for a great deal of her lifetime. Karlene stands up for her neighbors and cares about her neighborhood. I heartily endorse Karlene Osorio-Khor. Vote for Karlene. —Dianne Oftedahl, Kalispell

Government is not solution for business

There was an article in the Daily Inter Lake on Aug. 15 about the Montana Chamber of Commerce choice for best legislators. Republican Frank Garner was their MVP (most valuable policymaker) for sponsoring their top priority bills HB 473 and 335, and Democrat Dave Fern won their Champion of Business Award... Dave Fern votes as a typical socialist Democrat, as though government is the solution to economic and all problems.

Mr. Garner’s sponsorship of HB 473 is where he got his nickname Gas Tax Garner. HB 335 promotes public private-partnerships, another term for the crony capitalism lucrative for the wealthy business owners involved with corrupt crony legislators but costly for typical small business owners and the rest of us taxpayers. Both HB 473 and HB 335 are called by the Chamber “infrastructure legislation” and “pro-business.” Pro-business? You’ve got to be kidding! Government does not create jobs, and surely president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Webb Brown knows that.

All government job wages are paid 100 percent by us taxpayers. Public-private partnership job wages (temporary jobs by road workers, for instance) are paid by government subsidies paid by taxpayers. We lose, big-time, in both situations. The only ones who gain are the crony wealthy capitalists (who take in most of the government-taxpayers subsidies) and their crony legislators (the crony capitalists payback to the legislators). Both business and legislator cronies win power and wealth as we the people lose.

We want to again thank heroic Flathead legislators Matt and Keith Regier for exposing corruption in the political process in Helena. The Chamber of Commerce exposed themselves, removing a layer of mystery in the path of corruption. We hope the public is paying attention. Follow the money. Stop the phonies. Find an honorable replacement for Frank Garner. —Kelli and Anthony Estrella, Marion

Voting against the NFL by turning it off

The greedy players, coaches and owners of the NFL have taken hypocrisy to new heights.

Before each big game they have members of the U.S. armed forced carry huge American flags onto the field om a show of patriotism and then refuse to honor the flag by standing proudly and showing respect. Shame on them.

Unless and until they show our nation and its flag respect, I will not watch any NFL games. Go Griz! —Andy Maynard, Kila

Irresponsible dog owners are called out

Here’s an update from yours truly, the Flathead Poop Ranger. Recently, on the Whitefish pedestrian trail between the viaduct and City Beach, I scooped up at least 40 moldering dog poops. Not a bad haul, wouldn’t you say? So thanks a bunch, Irresponsibles, wherever you are. Next stop, Herron Park. —Steve Barrett, Kalispell

Thanks to DNRC for getting fire out right away

Not long ago, rancher Mike Meili was up in the hills north of Proctor checking on his cows. Right behind our place was a fire that had just started, probably a holdover from a lightning strike.

The DNRC and our local Chief Cliff Fire Department were Johnny-on-the-spot. In no time, helicopters showed up and with combined effort put it out pronto! Now that’s the way fires should be handled. If you don’t get on these fires as soon as possible, you end up with what we have recently seen all over the state.

It’s my opinion that the DNRC and not the Forest Service should have more control over fires. The DNRC should have access to the same resources that the Forest Service does. If the fire is on federal land, then the money should come from federal coffers.

So... great job to all those who were Johnny-on-the-spot. Many thanks for putting out that fire. —Dale Terillion, Proctor

Hileman for Whitefish judge

I would like to take this opportunity to express my endorsement of and support for Mr. Bill Hileman — candidate for Whitefish municipal judge.

In 1986 as the Whitefish Winter Carnival King, it was my pleasure to help select Bill as the Prime Minister of Carnival. This selection was based on Bill’s commitment to and enthusiasm for Whitefish and the folks who call Whitefish home. This commitment to and enthusiasm for the Whitefish community are still evident today.

Over these past 30 years, I have had the opportunity to see the results of Mr. Hileman’s knowledge and diligence in the realm of “legal matters.” Mr. Hileman’s professional demeanor has been and will continue to be fair, firm and consistent.

Based upon my personal and professional experience with Mr. Bill Hileman, I fully recommend him to you as our next Whitefish municipal judge. Thank you for your consideration. —Bob Lawson, Whitefish

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