Police called to settle shoe debate

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A woman requested the assistance of Kalispell Police Department when a patron reportedly refused to put his shoes on after he was given two options ­— either leave, or put them on. Eventually the unshod patron put his shoes on and he was able to stay. The woman said she would call back if anything changed.

An indecent exposure incident was reported to police when a man in a vehicle allegedly pulled up to a pedestrian and “asked if she wanted to see” before opening the door exposing his naked body. The vehicle was last seen bound for Third Avenue East.

A shirtless, older man was spotted near park bathrooms reportedly taking a baseball bat to picnic tables. No damage was reported, but the bat was taken away and the man advised he was not allowed back for the rest of the day.

A man seen lying on the ground behind an Airport Road business was “just taking a nap.”

A passer-by claimed three teens were throwing rocks at a park wall and gazebo.

A running car with an engined that sounded like it was ready to blow up was reported. The vehicle owner said he was trying to charge the battery to take it in and have the engine looked at.

A swerving vehicle had occupants who were allegedly shining a bright flashlight into passing vehicles.

Two reportedly intoxicated men, one stumbling, were “saying rude things” to a grocery store cashier.

An employee at a fast-food restaurant said a woman, possibly a transient, was reportedly sleeping on a table and was unresponsive, but breathing, when people tried to wake her.

A man was reported for flattening a woman’s car tires.

A woman was apparently yelling at someone on the phone and not screaming for help on Seventh Avenue East North.

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report that a Whitefish man’s upset, possibly intoxicated, wife allegedly “took a whip” to him before following him around the yard verbally abusing him.

A vehicle was allegedly driving 80 mph and swerving in and out of traffic on U.S. 2 East in Kalispell.

A Kalispell mother wanted advice on whether a police officer should speak to her 9-year-old son about potential charges after he allegedly stole a credit card from her wallet and ordered $200 worth of games online. In addition to offering advice, dispatchers reportedly advised her she could sell the gaming console to pay for the games.

Someone on East Evergreen Drive said his friend was allegedly faking a brain aneurysm trying to “convince people to let him stay.”

Someone on Ash Road in Kalispell said he or she saw what looked like a “gas blow off” and saw a burst of flame. It was discovered to be an air compressor at a gas supplier and everything was OK.

A guard rail located just past Lion Lake was reported as a road hazard.

Someone on Nucleus Avenue was very upset that people were not going the posted work zone speed limit on U.S. 2, according to Columbia Falls Police Department.

Someone on Beth Road said an adult in a go-kart was allegedly doing brodies and “tearing up the grass.” Other people, however, said the go-kart was a three-wheeler-type vehicle that “didn’t have enough power to cause damage,” and the person may have just been giving it a tune up.

Whitefish Police Department received a report that a man was passed out on Spokane Avenue. The man was reportedly taking a break walking back from the hospital waiting for a train.

Someone on West 15th Street reported a possible broken sprinkler that was causing a lot of water to run down the street. Public Works was notified.

Somers-Lakeside Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle fire on U.S. 93 South.

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