Suspected burglar was really woman’s son

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Whitefish Police Department received a report of a break-in attempt at a Wisconsin Avenue residence when a woman reportedly heard a screen being taken off a basement window. She found the screen had indeed been taken off the window, however, she learned that the would-be burglar was her son sneaking back into the house.

A peeping Tom was spotted looking into a woman’s window on Wisconsin Avenue.

A woman on Conn Road in Columbia Falls told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she was walking her dog when she fell into a ditch after she was allegedly approached by a few teenagers and their dog. The woman didn’t want medical treatment, or to initially speak to animal control; rather she wanted to speak to a deputy about the teenagers laughing at her when she fell in the ditch.

After reportedly going two weeks without water service, a property owner on Montana 206 in Columbia Falls wanted to know what could be done to get a water line fixed that had been accidentally damaged by another property owner.

A man cleaning out a barn on Trumble Creek Road in Kalispell reported finding about 10 sticks of dynamite and wanted them picked up and disposed of.

Someone in Columbia Falls told officers that a person on the internet was threatening to shoot pastors.

A man on U.S. 2 East in Kalispell reported two equipment vehicles had been stolen and while one had been recovered, equipment was missing.

A concerned Kalispell parent told officers that teens at her residence were allegedly threatening to beat up her son and throw a computer through a window.

A woman on U.S. 2 East in Kalispell reported being attacked, stating that someone was “creeping her out,” then stated “never mind, it is all good, there’s just a psycho, but I’ll handle it,” before the phone line disconnected. On a call-back, the woman said a man grabbed her arm in an attempt to take her purse reportedly because he thought she had someone’s phone.

Someone reported hearing possible gunshots on Poplar Drive in Kalispell, while someone else thought it sounded more like a car back-firing.

Gunshots were heard on Kookoosint Trail in Kalispell.

Kalispell Police Department received a report that two people may have been “shooting up” in a vehicle with two children unrestrained in the back seat.

Someone on Barron Way said carpentry tools had been stolen from the back of his truck.

A “creepy” man was allegedly pounding on someone’s door. When the resident didn’t answer, the man supposedly did the same things to other houses in the area.

Someone thought it was suspicious that a vehicle was allegedly stopping in parking lots and watching people. The person calling in the report felt the man was “creepy-looking.” Turns out the man was waiting for a passenger.

Someone heard loud screaming and fighting coming from a house where two men were threatening to kill each other and dogs.

A road-rage dispute between a couple led to someone’s wife allegedly ramming her vehicle into his.

A woman with a history of calling the police said she was being attacked by an electronic device that was causing her bed to migrate. The residence was cleared and it was determined that there was “no way the bed was moving on its own.”

Columbia Falls Police Department received a report that someone saw a man shove a woman down and throw keys in her face.

A man on Third Avenue West told police a man showed up at his house and got in his face trying to fight him.

Bad Rock Fire Department responded to a fuel spill on Bad Rock Drive in Columbia Falls.

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