Angry man starts throwing things

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A woman’s angry boyfriend was reportedly throwing things, including her dinner. When the boyfriend approached her while she was on the phone, he was reportedly heard saying “you can’t say you’re not mad,” before the line went dead. On a call back from Kalispell Police Department, the situation was reportedly calm and the boyfriend was going to leave.

A woman knocked on the door of a residence and was met by a man who came out and allegedly attacked her, grabbing her by the back of the neck and pushing her across the yard.

Two teens were supposedly casing cars in a store parking lot on First Avenue East North. The teens then allegedly stole a 24-pack of soda from the store.

A Hutton Ranch Road employee reportedly found a note taped to her vehicle regard to her parking ability that included a derogatory word along with a phone number. When police contacted the author of the note, she reportedly said the employee had parked in two spaces where parking was very limited and admitted to leaving the brief note. She agreed to call the police with future parking complaints.

A young woman was allegedly seen jumping out of a moving vehicle. The vehicle then reportedly pulled over and a young man got out and forced the teen to get back in.

A man told police he heard a woman saying “you should take me home now,” around 3 or 4 a.m. then heard yelling and a woman choking.

Someone was reported for stealing from a donation bin.

Someone spotted something on fire in the road at the top of the hill north of the Conrad Mansion. The fire was extinguished.

Three teens were reportedly running down the road and pounding on people’s doors, and were last seen heading southbound on Sherry Lane.

Someone’s sister who was visiting from out-of-state was kicked out the house after she was disrespectful. The sister, however, came back, was being loud and knocking on people’s doors.

Someone standing outside of the fairgrounds requested law enforcement over theft of wages and possible slave labor. The person alleged that “carnies” chased him or her and another person out of the fairgrounds and the group was verbally fighting over being paid.

A business on U.S. 93 South was reportedly broken into after money was found to be missing. An employee wasn’t sure if someone gained entry or if the job was done internally.

A dump truck on the bypass near U.S. 2 West was seen losing gravel from an open tail gate, which reportedly broke someone’s vehicle window in several spots.

A man on Capistrano Drive in Kalispell changed his mind about people staying on his property in a camper when they allegedly dropped raw sewage on his property, wouldn’t follow rules and wouldn’t leave when asked, according to a report from Flathead County Sheriff’s Department.

A dog with an injured leg was found in someone’s yard on Echo Retreat Drive in Bigfork. The dog was taken to the shelter.

A vehicle was seen driving on the wrong side of U.S. 93 South in Kalispell.

A woman told officers that she was behind a vehicle that threw a firecracker at her on U.S. 2 East in Kalispell.

Alleged squatters were reportedly being loud and partying nightly in Martin City.

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