Police respond to a party that wasn’t

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Someone called the Kalispell Police Department to report a party involving drugs at a Rising Sun Circle residence. The caller alleged it was an ongoing problem. Officers checked it out, but found no party, no loud noise, and no indication of drug or alcohol use.

A caller told police there were two cars racing on U.S. 93 South near Cemetery Road. The caller said the vehicles were going about 90 mph and had been swerving around other vehicles on the road. Officers alerted Montana Highway Patrol.

A man and woman reportedly had a very loud verbal argument on First Avenue West. An officer spoke with them, and they agreed to stay away from each other for the night.

A caller told police they were concerned about injuries and property damage because some kids on Third Avenue West allegedly had a pellet gun. Officers spoke with the group in question, who had permission to be in the area and were actually playing with airsoft guns.

A Garland Street resident called police when they noticed an unknown vehicle at a nearby neighbor’s house and thought it was suspicious. Turns out the vehicle belonged to a family member visiting the home in question.

A man told police he was served a beer “with a strong cologne odor on the rim of the glass” at a North Main Street establishment. The man was convinced that the bartender had purposely spiked the beer with cologne and thought that was illegal. Officers informed the man it was a civil issue.

A caller told police there was a loud party going on at a Liberty Street residence. Officers spoke with the suspects, who agreed to keep it down.

Another caller complained of loud music near East Center Street. The event causing that noise had a proper permit, and all was quiet by the appropriate time.

A caller reported a group “having a little St. Paddy’s party” in a parking lot off U.S. 93 South. The men were allegedly being loud, disorderly and threatened a woman nearby. Officers were unable to locate the suspects.

A caller on Fourth Street West told police they had seen three kids take off down the alley, and thought the group might have been running from a police officer who had been driving through the area. Officers were unable to locate the kids.

A Jubilee Court resident called police because she heard some suspicious noises and worried there might be a prowler in the area. Officers didn’t find anything or anyone suspicious.

A Seventh Avenue West resident called to report a barking “little ankle-biter” dog in a nearby yard. The caller was also concerned about the dog being out in the cold. Officers checked on the dog, which was reportedly fine in the weather, but were unable to make contact with the dog’s owner about the barking issue.

A caller on Liberty Street told police a resident there was allegedly smoking marijuana. Officers spoke with the suspect, who denied smoking anything and added that the caller allegedly had made false reports about her in the past. Officers did not find any evidence of drugs or drug use in the suspect’s apartment.

A cellphone was reportedly found in the street on Trump Drive. It was turned in to Kalispell police.

A Sugarbowl Circle resident called the Whitefish Police Department for help after the cat brought a still-alive bat into the house.

A Third Avenue West resident told the Columbia Falls Police Department that some dogs nearby had been barking for several hours. Officers spoke with the dogs’ owner, who reportedly said he was on his way home and would take the dogs inside as soon as he arrived.

The Kalispell Fire Department responded to a chimney fire on Hawthorn Avenue, and to reports of flooding at a residence on Sixth Avenue East.

The Somers-Lakeside Fire Department responded to reports of flooding on Parkview Lane, and Blankenship Rural Fire Department responded to similar reports of flooding on Blankenship Road.

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