Ice foils man’s attempt to pursue woman

A “creepy” man reportedly “came out of the bushes” and started walking toward a woman who was in her car, which was parked on First Street West. The woman told Kalispell Police Department that the man was allegedly slipping on the ice in his attempt to come after her. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.

A caller reported that a man was panhandling in his yard on Third Avenue East and asked that he be removed. Officers discovered that the panhandler was OK where he was, and was within his rights to be there.

Someone had reportedly attempted to break into a trailer on North Meridian Road. The mechanism on the side door was broken, but it was determined that the intruders were not able to gain access to the trailer.

A woman called to report that her vehicle, which was parked on Third Avenue East North, was allegedly clipped by another vehicle that drove off. The caller’s side mirror was clipped, but the damage to the vehicle was minor.

A vehicle allegedly crashed into a snowbank near a playground, according to the Kalispell Police Department. The vehicle had allegedly been “flying through the parking lots” and “crashing the vehicle on purpose.” A caller was concerned about the driving behavior.

A caller reported that some kids on Sixth Street West were throwing snowballs at cars.

Suspicious activity was reported by a caller who said a vehicle was idling in a parking lot at the end of a road in a gravel cul-de-sac.

A man was reported for trespassing on Sunny View Lane. The caller later called back to report that the man had left.

A school bus driver reported that two students had been fighting on the bus. No assistance was required and a six-year-old involved in the fight was turned over to her guardian.

A student was illegally parked, according to the Columbia Falls Police Department, and was counseled on proper parking procedures.

A caller on Fourth Avenue East North reportedly saw someone steal shackles off a piece of equipment belonging to a construction company. The caller chased the suspects off.

A deputy in Phillipsburg called to inform Whitefish Police Department that dispatch had received a call from a woman who said she was out of meth and was looking for more. They believed the call had come from a location in Kalispell.

A woman called to report that she felt threatened by the vehicle behind her, which was allegedly honking at her after she stopped for a bus.

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