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A perturbed passerby contacted the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after witnessing a motorist swerve into a mud puddle on U.S. 2 East and dowse with muddy water a pair of girls who looked to be 10 years old. While it was initially reported that the driver and his passenger high-fived after giving the girls their impromptu mud bath, it was later discovered that the driver swerved to miss a pothole and accidentally hit the puddle, and the “high-five” was really his girlfriend reaching over and slapping him. The driver was cited for driving with a suspended license and was also advised of his warrant.

An unlucky (or is that lucky?) Echo Retreat Drive man was transported to the hospital after he picked up a revolver and accidentally fired it, with the bullet grazing his head.

A man with the munchies reported he had ordered food and his neighbor signed for and took it. He wanted a deputy to tell his neighbor to knock it off, but that he was more concerned about it happening again than having any charges pressed against the neighbor.

A man was arrested for drunk driving after first being reported too drunk to drive in the back parking lot of a First Avenue West bar then subsequently getting in his car and driving away, nearly hitting another motorist.

Deputies used a Taser on a man they had to take off of a train at a Depot Street station after he was reported causing a disturbance on the train. He was transported to the county jail.

A mother reported her daughter told her a man had yelled to try and get the daughter into his vehicle on Farm to Market Road.

Deputies responded to a Cayuse Lane school when they got a report of a man punching a woman in the face, leaving her bleeding.

A Harmony Road woman called for a deputy after her neighbor came to her home, banging on her door, yelling at her and calling her a bunch of names over a civil issue.

An inmate at the county jail was cited for disorderly conduct.

The Kalispell Fire Department responded to structure fire reports and a fire alarm at two homes and a school, respectively, between 3 p.m. Tuesday and 3 p.m. Wednesday.

The first call was due to a heating unit at a Heritage Way property that became so hot it melted a belt, but no fire was caused.

The second call early Wednesday afternoon was on Fourth Avenue West, where a fire started in insulation in a crawl space after residents tried to light the pilot light of a hot water heater. Natural gas leaking from the heater caught fire, but the fire was out upon the arrival of firefighters.

The third call at 3 p.m. Wednesday was for a fire alarm at a Kalispell high school after a biomass boiler put out a large amount of smoke, leading to an evacuation of the building. The only response required at the school was the opening of doors to allow the smoke to escape and the shutting down of the boiler.

A Ninth Street East man contacted the Kalispell Police Department after his wife was unable to get out of the driveway to go to work due to parents parking in the way while picking up their children from school. He said that when he asked them to move or not to park there, they got belligerent with him.

A Sixth Avenue West woman reported her boyfriend stole her jewelry and threatened her with a .22-caliber handgun, but it was later determined that no gun was in play and the only gun in the house was a BB gun. The pair were separated for the night.

A frightened Fourth Avenue West resident reported receiving death threats and that he had spoken with his probation officer about the issue.

A Mountain Park Lane man contacted police after finding footprints going up to his truck and other vehicles in the area.

A Whitefish Police Department officer dealt twice with a pair of drunk men. The first pair he found, lost, on West Second Street and gave them directions to their home. The second pair reported sitting in the middle of the road on West Second Street before one started taking off his clothes and throwing them on the ground then they both began pushing each other. They were eventually picked up by a taxi service and taken back to their hotel. It was unclear if both calls regarded the same two people.

A Spokane Avenue man reported his wife assaulted him, pushing, shoving and scratching him, but said he didn’t want to get her in trouble. He just wanted to preempt any attempt by her to turn it against him as he is on probation.

A man was warned to stay out of an area along Somers Avenue after he was reported pacing back and forth between two houses across the street from one another and hiding behind trees while looking into a house. He told an officer he was out for a walk looking for his wife.

A Texas Avenue resident reported someone had gone through the house within the last 30 minutes, and that a computer had been stolen.

A Sixth Avenue West woman contacted the Columbia Falls Police Department after being harassed over Facebook by her son’s ex-girlfriend.

Sunglasses, a flashlight and a magazine for a gun were stolen from a vehicle on Franlou Park Drive.

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