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The clues that led a convenience-store clerk to believe that a man was intoxicated were: His staggering, his harassment of customers, his slurred speech, and the open container of alcohol in his hand. He was gone when Kalispell police officers arrived.

So were the ducks that caused a traffic jam on Woodland Avenue and Second Street East. Ducks in the roadway were reported later on Main Street.

Businesses on South Main Street reported graffiti Friday morning.

A man called police when he discovered someone inside his vehicle, which was inside his garage Friday morning. The intruder was arrested for trespass.

A business reported an internal theft.

Participants in a fight on Fourth Street West were gone when officers arrived. A woman stayed around Blockbuster long enough to be arrested for assault after a fight was reported there. A woman went to the hospital, saying she was assaulted at Cattleman's. A report of a fight on Teal Drive turned out to be a 2 a.m. romp on the lawn that was all in good fun.

A man who has called a woman too often and then showed up in his truck near her house was cautioned to keep his distance. Two boys who climbed trees outside the Liberty Theatre and broke branches were also warned.

After a traffic stop, two men were charged with possession of drug items on North Meridian Road. Three boys were charged with curfew violation when their vehicle was stopped on East Idaho Street after midnight.

A woman was arrested for DUI on Third Avenue East North.

A resident on Fourth Avenue West believed that items were stolen from her house. A front door was broken on Ninth Avenue West.

Paint on a vehicle was vandalized on Second Avenue West. On North Meridian Road, a woman watched a man repeatedly slam the door of his truck into her vehicle.

On Wise Lane, someone burned down a tree house and trees, about a week ago. The owner reported it Friday.

A witness saw a boy in his mid-teens shoot out a truck window with a slingshot Friday on Springcreek Drive.

A man in a trench coat, lying beneath picnic tables on East Oregon Street, agreed to move on.

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