Speaker wants to change Israeli politics

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Dennis Avi Lipkin wants to start a Judeo-Christian political party — in Israel.

The Israeli author and lecturer explained his plan and forecast an interesting future for Israel in a talk Sunday night before a full house at the Assembly of God Church in Columbia Falls.

Lipkin explained how he was told that America hated him, so he moved to Israel from the United States at age 19.

That was in 1968. Lipkin later came to love America and now wants to emulate its founders.

He noted the influence a Polish Jew by way of Portugal, Haym Salomon, had on the nation’s founding.

In August 1781, Gen. George Washington sent the order for Salomon when the young nation’s war chest was empty. Solomon raised $20,000 so Washington and Count de Rochambeau could deliver the final blow to British Lt. Gen. Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown, Va. After the Revolutionary War, Solomon raised money on several occasions to bail out the debt-ridden government.

Lipking said he’s “trying to bring the good, the original American way to Israeli politics.”

Israel has a radically different system than the United States, according to Lipkin. “Israel is not going to survive unless it gets the American way.”

“Israel is a socialist, communist state,” he said, explaining that the government’s bureaucrats mainly emigrated from Russia and other European socialist/communist nations. He said Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was the first head of state to recognize Israel.

“He was convinced it was an ally,” Lipkin said.

That generation is dying off, however, and their children are not having a lot of children.

“Jews go after a career with a vengeance,” he said. “The price you pay: you don’t get married” until age 40, and then your wife is past child-bearing years, he said. “You have all these [adopted] Chinese and Korean kids who are having bar-mitzvahs.”

Lipkin said the children of the socialists/communists have a secular, anti-God outlook, he said.

“The demographic trend is toward a more right-wing” Israel, he said.

“It’s very hard to make it in Israel” because of its socialism, Lipkin said, noting that he travels the United States for two months making speeches and selling books, and then returns to live in Israel with his wife for two months before repeating the process.

“I’ve been making my life with you for 25 years,” he said.

As a teenager, Lipkin, who was born in New York, wrote to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. Ben Gurion wrote him back and told him to move to Israel, so he did.

When he arrived at the airport in Tel Aviv, he immediately was marked for wearing blue, the color of right-wing Jewish nationalists. 

Lipkin said he later was kicked out of a teaching job by socialists in the Israeli government who denied him tenure. “To this day I’m on the blacklist,” he said.

The number of the socialists/communists is shrinking every year, he said, noting the electoral success of the right-wing Likud Party over the past 10 years.

Lipkin, who calls himself a “conservadox” blend between the Conservative and Orthodox Jewish religions, is planning to start his own political party in time for the 2013 elections.

Lipkin explained that all one needs is 100 signatures and

$15,000 plus attorney’s fees. He already has 42 signatures and his own attorney, Calev Myers.

Myers recently petitioned the attorney general of Israel to dismantle the Yad L’Achim organization because of its promotion of persecution and denial of civil rights to Israeli citizens whose faith they disagree with, for instance Messianic Jews and Christians.

Lipkin said he knows an Arab Christian leader who emigrated to Israel after the Israeli government withdrew its troops from southern Lebanan in 2000. This man will help form the political party, Lipkin said.

Lipkin forsees the day in the not-too-distant future when Jews and Christians alike will immigrate to Israel. He believes God wants the Jews in Israel. He also believes that the Sunni Muslim nations, together with Russia, will attack Israel. When that happens, radical Muslims in the United States will start killing Jews here, he said.

“Kicking and scratching, the Jews and Christians are going to be brought together by the Lord,” he said. There are 20 million Muslims in the U.S. and 10 percent of them are radical, he said. There are only 5 million Jews here.

“God is gearing up for a big change in America,” he said.

Flathead County “is just crawling with Jews who don’t want anyone to know they’re Jews,” he said. “Jews are tired of being God’s chosen people. We just want to be left alone.”

For Lipkin’s party to qualify, it needs 2 percent of the vote. There are no Christians in the Israeli Knesset, which currently has 12 political parties, but Lipkin noted that 8 percent of the population is Christian, including many Ethiopian Jews who emigrated with Christian spouses.

Although Sept. 11, 2001, was a tragedy, “God sent the Muslim threat as a blessing because it brought together the Jews and Christians,” Lipkin said.

He said he believes many Jews will be killed leading up to the final battle, which he called “Mecca vs. Jerusalem.” The final battle is between Judeo-Christians and the Muslims, he said. “Islam is not a religion, it’s a psychosis,” he said.

“Bring them to the Lord or they’ll bring you to the sword,” he said, citing political scientist Samuel Huntington’s book, “Clash of Civilizations.”

Citing the Biblical book of Deuteronomy 11, Lipkin said God will defend Israel and its borders will run from Lebanan to Saudi Arabia.

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