Missing student tracked electronically

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A 17-year-old Glacier High School student reported missing to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office was located the following day after online activity and debit card activity led law enforcement and the boy’s parents on a chase across Kalispell and to Martin City. While he was missing, the boy’s father discovered someone tried to change the boy’s Facebook password, and a check of the boy’s bank account uncovered a purchase at a Kalispell store an hour and a half prior.

An unlucky scam artist was caught calling a Bigfork bank, claiming to be a particular customer, and asking to transfer funds to a San Diego location. Unfortunately for the scam artist, the person they were claiming to be was in the Bigfork bank at the time. The incident was reported to San Diego police.

A local locksmith was reported operating without a license, opening locks illegally, being unable to unlock some vehicles, and damaging other vehicles trying to open doors. It was also alleged that the person uses “burglary tools” to open the vehicles.

A small car caused a big problem on Montana 35 in Bigfork, where a motorist in a Mini Cooper drove into and smashed the back wall of a storage unit.

An irate inmate complained that when he was booked into jail he had more than $1,000 on him, and when he was released, the jail didn’t have it. He was advised the money had been seized as evidence.

A concerned citizen reported that a person has been selling methamphetamine to the homeless men behind the former Walmart building, which is why they won’t leave.

A man called to find out what his options were after reading that a woman turned him in for something that he feels was harassment.

A copper thief cut the wiring out of an irrigation system on Fairview Cemetery Road in Columbia Falls.

A spirited doorbell game of ding-dong-ditch left a Third Avenue East resident at the end of their wits and asking for extra patrols in the area.

A Marion man made an unscheduled trip to the hospital after accidentally shooting himself in the calf.

A Parker Hill Road man reported his neighbor, who has threatened to kill him in the past, pulled a handgun on him.

A distraught mother contacted the Kalispell Police Department after finding her runaway daughter at the Woodland Skate Park. She reported that a friend of her daughter’s had tipped her off, and when she showed up the girl was in a vehicle with a boy. When she tried to get her daughter out, the boy pulled her back in and they took off, and she was unable to follow them.

A movie theater manager chased off a man he found trying to tape down the latch of a fire escape door after the alarm was set off.

A shocked Two Mile Drive woman was advised her computer had a virus when she reported receiving a message saying she owed a $300 fine for viewing child pornography.

A woman decided to report being assaulted after having a few days to think about it, reporting Monday that on Saturday she was shoved into a table by a person at a U.S. 93 South bar, resulting in rib and back injuries.

A South Meridian Road woman got scammed by a man who stopped by asking about the tires sitting under her carport, wanting to buy them for his van. He told her he would return within 25 minutes with the money, but he never returned, and when she went back outside the tires were gone.

Officers were unable to locate a man reportedly yelling either “rape” or “help” in the area of Hilltop Avenue.

A Third Street West woman reported a strange, friendly dog who came into her house and made itself at home in her den. She had no idea who the dog belonged to or how it got inside. She kept it locked in a room all night, and when she went to check on it the following morning, the dog was gone. She said her front door had been left unlocked and was concerned that someone had been in her house or was casing it for a burglary.

An officer sent a large wild turkey on its way after it was reported running around the intersection of North Main Street and East Idaho Street.

A Salish Court resident requested to speak with an animal control officer about a cat that had been stuck in a tree for four days.

A person dressed in all camouflage and wearing a mask and helmet on Fifth Avenue East was counseled about wearing his gear to go paintballing so close to a school.

A woman contacted the Whitefish Police Department to complain that she had left a gun at her daughter’s home several years ago and now the daughter won’t return it.

A group of youths on Eighth Street West scattered when a Columbia Falls Police Department officer tried to approach one of them, a boy reported as a runaway.

Someone went from mailbox to mailbox on 12th Street West, opening each one and throwing the mail on the ground.

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