Officers busy with drug-related calls

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The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office dealt with a series of drug-related calls Tuesday and one early Wednesday morning.

At 9:29 a.m., the manager of a Grand Drive property in Bigfork requested officer assistance in entering an apartment to confront tenants smoking marijuana. A little more than an hour later, a strong marijuana smell was reported coming from the same apartment.

When officers arrived and made contact with the residents, they discovered the drugs had already been flushed down the toilet, although the officers reported the residents had been smoking marijuana in the apartment. As a result of the nearly red-handed catch, the manager began the eviction process.

At 10:12 a.m., a woman reported someone wrote “watch your back” on her car with a marker and keyed the side of her car. She said she believed the suspect is threatening her because her ex-boyfriend told the suspect that she stole $300 worth of marijuana from him.

At 4:28 p.m., a man reported drug dealers went to his son’s place of business and threatened to kill him. The son later called and said he wanted it on record that he had called the FBI to investigate the threats against him and that he would be contacting Washington the following day because he was unhappy with how the case was being handled. He also wanted it on record that he had done a lot of work for President Obama.

At 4:51 a.m. Wednesday, a hard-nosed boyfriend reported his girlfriend for using drugs on Montana 35.

A pair of “very, very fat” miniature horses were reported wandering around a ditch along Morning View Drive.

A pair of motorists were reported racing up and down Valley View Drive not long after getting into a fight with one another.

A group of four drunk women were reported walking down U.S. 2 East into Hungry Horse, causing a traffic hazard by flashing passing motorists.

A burglar was caught on video breaking into a tobacco store on River Road, leaving a door and window open behind him.

A Kalispell Police Department officer gave a man a ride after he was reported drunk, standing at the door of a Hawthorn Way residence in his underwear, calling the resident names and banging on the door.

A woman was dropped off at her aunt’s house and a man transported to the hospital for stitches after she locked him out during an argument and he pounded on the door until he broke the window in the door, cutting his hand.

A Sixth Street West woman complained her neighbor across the hallway keeps yelling obscenities at her children.

A pair of deaf patrons at a U.S. 93 South bar caused a call to police when they were kicked out and refused to leave. They eventually left after an officer responded.

A frustrated Fourth Avenue East man reported he heard people in his back alley and then someone shot out the back window to his home with an air gun.

An officer that stopped to check out what he believed were several youths in a U.S. 93 South parking lot ended up writing citations for four adults for illegally possessing alcohol.

A no-nonsense boyfriend contacted the Whitefish Police Department to report he was in the vehicle with his girlfriend, who was driving drunk on Central Avenue. She initially pulled over when he called 911, threw the keys at him and started walking, but she came back and started driving again. The dispatcher noted that she could be heard in the background yelling “Thanks, you’re trying to get me a DUI!” but that the phone then went dead. An officer eventually located the vehicle parked at their home, the girlfriend already gone on foot. The officer confiscated the keys to the vehicle.

A representative from a homeowner’s association reported one of the neighbors chopped down and trimmed up several trees that belong to the property after being told they were not to be trimmed.

A powerful Kalispell Avenue dog broke through a fence to attack a passerby’s dog. The passerby reported concern that the dog might do the same and attack a youth on their way to school.

A Bearberry Lane resident called to speak with an officer after a helicopter landed in his neighbor’s yard.

The Columbia Falls Police Department received a report of a rolling domestic disturbance on Montana 206, where a man and woman were physically fighting in their vehicle, swerving and weaving in and out of traffic, nearly hitting a motorcycle. An officer located and stopped the vehicle, which also contained a child in the back seat. Both the man and woman claimed nothing was going on, that they were “just out for a drive with the kids.”

A quartet of quick-footed youths were captured by an officer and eventually released to parents. The group had been reported by a motorist who said his headlights scared them off on 13th Street West, where he believed they were breaking into vehicles.

Someone took advantage of a cement barrier on Cedar Pointe Loop that had previously been moved so as not to impede a hiking trail, placing a couch behind it and starting fires.

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