Walsh vs Daines: An easy choice

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"Patriot” and “Democrat” — those two words that describe John Walsh are all I really need to know for me to vote for him over Steve Daines for U.S. Senate in November.

For John, the former U.S. Army brigadier general and adjutant general of the Montana National Guard, it has been state and nation over everything else for over 30 years and there is no doubt in my mind because of his high integrity, dedication to duty and patriotism that it will be state and nation over party when he is elected to and voting in the U.S. Senate.

Montana has a proud tradition of electing great Democrats to the U.S. Senate. Men like Mike Mansfield, the longest serving Senate majority leader in U.S. history. Men like Lee Metcalf, Max Baucus and Jon Tester. The election of John Walsh will keep that great tradition alive.

My dad was born in 1895, fathered 11 kids before and during the great depression, was a loyal Democrat and of course voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He even named one of my older brothers, who was born in 1933, Delano. Is that loyalty or what? But, then my dad saw fit to vote for Dwight Eisenhower twice even though Ike was a Republican.

His vote for Ike was a thank you, a well-deserved reward for a job well done leading our forces to victory in Europe during WWII and being a patriot like John Walsh is today. Good Republican voters, especially veterans, could honor and reward and say thank you to John Walsh for giving over 30 years of his life to state and nation by voting for him in November, like my dad did for Ike many years ago. Ike in turn rewarded the millions like my dad who put country over party by doing the same. He, working with Republican and Democratic governors and across party lines in Congress, built the interstate highway system and many other public works projects.

Now, because of the radicalization of the national Republican Party and party leadership in the House, a Democratic sponsored jobs bill to repair those 60-year-old roads and bridges cannot make it through the House. Thanks to Daines and other radical Republicans. This bill, if passed, would create millions of jobs nationwide; raise much needed revenue without raising taxes. And, most of all would help our struggling middle class, which, many of us are here in the valley.

However, there is a catch. If Daines and other Republicans voted across party lines and passed this much needed legislation, it would make our Democratic president and his party look good. This is just one example of how badly the Republican Party and Congress are broken. It is all about party over country. What a disgrace.

Now for a few facts about Daines’ private sector work and political career. Daines worked for the giant American manufacturing corporation, Proctor & Gamble. His resume states that for seven years he managed P&G operations in the U.S. That’s pretty high up the P&G chain of command. Did you ever wonder how many P&G employees lost their jobs to communist China because of decisions he and others made during those seven years. We know that dozens of plants were closed and thousands of employees lost their jobs.

We know what John Walsh was doing during those years.

Daines’ resume goes on to say that he moved his family to Hong Kong and China for six years to expand Proctor & Gamble’s Asian business.

Again, we know whose state and nation John “The Patriot” Walsh was working for during that time.

In Congress, Daines continued his support of big corporations and pledged to protect tax breaks for the very same companies that outsourced American jobs. In 2012 Daines signed Grover Norquist’s American Tax Reform pledge to never raise taxes. That pledge protects current tax breaks for companies like P&G who fire American workers and hire Chinese workers.

He supported the vote of his Tea Party colleagues to shut the government down, costing $25 billion nationwide. That vote that shut down Glacier National Park, cost main street merchants right here in the valley millions of tourist dollars. Then he voted to not increase the debt limit. Who was Daines representing in Congress?

Again, we know who John Walsh was working for during the last two years.

It is widely agreed that this present U.S. House of Representatives is least productive in U.S. history and Steve Daines did more than his share in making it that way. In my opinion, he is the worst representative to the House this state has had in decades. His votes, actions and words make even those of Rehberg look good.

Today’s Republican Party in Washington is the way it is, dysfunctional, lying, misleading, untrustworthy and un-American, because of people like Steve Daines.

Haines is a resident of Columbia Falls.

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