Boy in log jam pulled from river

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Flathead County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Old Steel Bridge, where a 12-year-old boy was reportedly caught underwater under a log jam. The boy eventually escaped and was pulled out by a fishing guide near the boat launch. The boy was part of a group of people believed to be tubing down the Flathead River. His parents eventually showed up in a vehicle, and everyone was accounted for.

A guide with the Montana Raft Co. found two very wet and cold inexperienced kayakers who were found in the whitewater area above West Glacier. The guide was able to pull them out of the water into his own raft. The guide helped them warm up, but they refused medical treatment.

A man who left his license behind at a gas station on U.S. 93 South in Kalispell returned and paid for the fuel he drove off without paying for a day earlier.

A parent contacted deputies to report a child bought marijuana from a friend. The parent went to the friend’s house, but the drugs were all gone.

A woman called, requesting to speak with a particular deputy to ask him why he had left her son, “as sick as he was,” lying in the ditch earlier that day.

Two young girls were driven home after being reported for stacking 50 rocks on railroad tracks. A railroad representative wanted the girls charged with trespassing.

A man was arrested after getting into a shoving match with a woman on U.S. 2 East in Kalispell.

Two people were cited, separately, for being minors in possession of alcohol at the fairgrounds, and a third person was cited for being a minor in possession of tobacco.

An incident of assault on a peace officer was reported at the fairgrounds.

A man was arrested for violating a restraining order on U.S. 2 East in Kalispell.

A woman took an inner tube from a man and refused to bring it back.

Two sets of axles were stolen from Tamarack Woods Drive in Lakeside.

A Kings Way resident reported there have been numerous thefts in the area, and that someone had tried to steal a bike Tuesday night but it got hung up on something.

A snowboard was stolen on Valley View Drive.

The Kalispell Police Department received a report of a man making sexual advances toward a 16-year-old boy. The man reportedly has been luring multiple boys into his room using cigarettes and flattery.

Someone kicked in the doors to several businesses on East Washington Street, and stole everything, including computers, out of an office at one of the locations.

Possible drug activity was reported on First Street West, where a man had urinated in the bushes while a woman was waiting in the car. They were believed to be selling drugs to other vehicles that were pulling up. The couple reportedly used to live in the apartment complex they were in front of and were known to sell drugs from their apartment. When officers arrived, the vehicle was moving, and officers did not have probable cause to stop it.

Several residents near the fairgrounds called to complain that the music was too loud, drowning out their televisions and keeping their children awake.

A man was removed from a supermarket on Third Avenue East North after he picked up several food items and went to the bathroom to eat them.

A man so drunk he did not know if he was a guest was reported vomiting in the parking lot in front of a hotel on U.S. 2 West.

A tree fell across a street light, bringing down power lines, which sparked and eventually set the pole on fire on Fourth Avenue West.

A man and woman were reported having sex in Depot Park Tuesday evening.

A Memory Lane resident received a call from an unidentified person who called the resident a “Hitler” and told the resident to “meet me at Whitefish bank tomorrow, and if you don’t, I will come to your house and kill you.”

A Second Avenue East resident reported his house was listed for rent online as part of a scam.

Someone broke a small window out of the front of the Flathead County Justice Center.

About 30 youths were reported in a parking lot in a park smoking something. The person who reported them said they needed to see a law enforcement presence before they got out of control.

A landlord reported minor arson to his rental units on Third Avenue West.

An Eighth Street West resident cornered a badger in their backyard. The resident was advised to leave it alone.

A man was given a ride home after being found sitting in a ditch near the intersection of Northwest Lane and Three Mile Drive.

A person was arrested during a traffic stop on North Meridian Road.

Someone burglarized a home on Coot Court.

A man was arrested for consuming alcohol against a court order on Fourth Avenue East.

A stop sign and street sign were run over at the intersection of Three Mile Drive and Empire Loop.

A 2005 Yamaha motorcycle was stolen on Fifth Avenue West.

A $500 bicycle was stolen on Fifth Street West.

A bicycle was stolen on First Avenue East.

Merchandise and money were stolen from a vendor at the fairgrounds.

Medication was stolen from a home on Third Avenue West.

Money was stolen from a home on West Arizona Street.

A toolbox was stolen out of the back of a truck on Belmar Drive.

A windshield was broken out of a vehicle on Second Avenue East.

A vehicle was keyed on Teal Drive.

The Columbia Falls Police Department received a report that a 13-year-old boy threatened several children with a knife and had claimed to have held a knife to a 9-year-old girl’s throat.

A suspicious pickup truck whose occupant was looking around with a flashlight in an area where several thefts had been reported was seen on Third Avenue West.

A theft was reported on Sixth Street West.

Whitefish Police officers arrested a person during a traffic stop on West 19th Street.

Thefts were reported on Woodland Place and Shiloh Avenue.

Lake County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a person for assault with a weapon after an ambulance was dispatched to Second Avenue in Polson.

An incident of criminal trespass to property was investigated on Tower Road in Polson.

Ronan Police officers arrested a person for criminal contempt while investigating a report of suspicious activity on First Avenue South West.

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